Thursday, September 5, 2013

Take the Challenge With Me

Challenge Yourself

What does it mean to challenge yourself? 
Each person will tell you something different. This is something that you have to look within yourself and decide what the challenge is.
For some the challenge is to quit smoking, not eat chocolate, or cut caffeine.

As for myself this month, I have challenged myself to several things. I am cutting out soda for the month unless I go out to eat. This is not all that often so I am okay with that challenge. I plan to work out for the whole month, with giving myself only 4 days off for rest. Finish book 2 of my tease series, all this just for the month of September. Who knows what October will bring me?
This is my challenge, built for me by me.  What is your challenge? Pick a day, pick a week or pick a month but the challenge. See how far you can push yourself. Start small something simple you know you know you can accomplish and work your way up. Take the challenge and succeed.
Good Luck to all.   From this week on, I will update you on how my challenges are going.
So far, I have worked out all of 3 days. Yesterday sadly my body hurt from the extreme workout and I needed a rest. However, I feel better today so I plan to do yesterday's workout this morning and tonight do day 5 (fingers crossed)

Can't wait to hear what challenges you set for yourself

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