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On A Knife's Edge by Lynda Bailey


Where the line between trust and treason is razor thin…


She was once his sweet salvation…
Lynch Callan has been a dead man walking most of his life—nothing out of the ordinary for a member of the 5th Street biker gang. There was a brief period, though, when she made him believe he could be more. That he could be worthy of her, and her love. To protect her, and keep their relationship from being discovered, he went to prison. Except now the Streeters are in danger. But in order to save his crew, he must first betray them. If caught, he’ll end up dead for sure. It’ll be the mother of all balancing acts—especially with her in the picture. But Lynch will do whatever is necessary to protect the people he loves.

He was once her deepest desire…
Shasta Albright doesn’t break the rules. Not anymore. As an unruly teenager, she defied her family at every turn…even secretly befriending, then dating, then falling in love with a bad boy Streeter. Finally her recklessness caught up with her—with lasting and even dire consequences. Now she leads a pristine existence, always staying within the lines and keeping her secrets hidden. That is until he gets released from prison. Can Shasta hold her perfect world together, or will everything get hurled into chaos?

With young girls going missing, the sleepy town of Stardust, Nevada becomes an unlikely epicenter for an illicit slave trade—with Shasta and Lynch caught in the middle. Amidst the rising body count, they fight to keep their loved ones—and each other—safe. A single slipup could have deadly repercussions. It’s an untenable and treacherous position. Much like walking On a Knife’s Edge…

Lynch broke the kiss and grasped the pull tab of the sweatshirt zipper. With purposefully slowness, he lowered it. He bore his gaze into hers, giving Shasta the chance to stop him. She just stared at him with eyes so huge, so round, he thought he’d die within their brown depths.
Once the jacket hung open, he flicked it off her shoulders then skimmed the t-shirt up her torso. She lifted her arms and he pulled the shirt over her head.
He snagged her wrists. “Keep ‘em up, kay?”
Her delicate throat muscles labored as she nodded.
He ghosted his palms over her sports bra then wormed his fingers under the bottom. Still holding her gaze, he tugged it up. She licked her lips and her arms quivered slightly, but didn’t lower. Within seconds, her breasts were bared. He devoured them with his gaze.
They were flawless. The perfect size with two perfectly pearled nipples.
He outlined one areola with his finger. Her body trembled. He shifted her position so she laid prone on the seat, her feet near the handlebars and her head resting on the passenger cushion.
He kissed her again. His balls ached and his cock pounded at twice his heart rate. His hand molded around one breast. The satiny feel sent another shaft of hunger through his blood.
He kissed her eyes closed before nipping his way to her ticklish earlobe. Goose bumps erupted across her skin and her body arched toward him. His mouth journeyed down her delectable flesh to lick the velvet hollow of her neck, then down farther to a rigid nipple. Her body went completely still—almost like she’d stopped breathing—as his lips closed over the puckered crest.
Lynch stroked his tongue over the peak while his hand skimmed across her flat belly to the snug waistband of her jogging shorts.
Shasta braced her heels on the handlebars and elevated her hips. Lynch pulled while she wiggled. At last, he peeled the offending garment off one leg then the other, along with her running shoes. He replaced her socked feet to the outside edge of the handgrips.
Air back up in his chest as he feasted on her spread before him in all her naked glory. Her skin held a slight rosy hue and her earthy, sexy scent filled his senses. Her nest of pussy hair tightened the knot in his belly. He never dreamed he’d see her like this again.

He again gently gripped her wrists and placed her hands on the passenger seat. “You best hold on, Shaly,” he croaked.

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About Lynda…

I have no doubt I was born a storyteller.

I remember telling my first “story” in kindergarten. I informed my teacher, Mrs. Downing, that my mom had just had a baby boy. She hadn’t, of course, and while I got thoroughly admonished for my “storytelling,” I wasn’t deterred from what would become a lifelong passion.

From making up tales as a kid which centered around my favorite TV shows to today, I love telling stories! Stories with handsome guys and spunky gals, that always…always end with a happily-ever-after.

My romances are full of passion, with heat levels that range from hot to sizzling! I've been a finalist in numerous writing contests, including RWA’s® prestigious Golden Heart® in 2010. Please join me for laughter, love and that all important HEA.

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Title: Aligned
Author: Ella Miles
Series: Aligned (Vol 2)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Nov 30 2015
Editon/Formats: eBook & Print


My mind is a mess.
I can’t live this way anymore. He thinks I’ve told him the worst, but I’ve barely told him anything at all.
I can’t love Landon.
He just brings more confusion. I need to leave. Then I can break through the chaos that haunts me.
— —
My mind has never been so clear.
I’m writing new songs faster than ever before. I’m falling for her, even as the secret that I’ve kept hidden for years threatens to reveal itself.
I can’t love Alex.
Everyone will know I’m a monster. I’ll stay away. It’s the only way.

***Aligned: Volume 2 is the second novella in a four part contemporary romance series. Volumes 3 & 4 will be full length novels Coming Spring 2016. ***

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I lose myself in his kiss letting thoughts of Ethan drift away as his body consumes mine. I devour him back. I know I only have precious minutes, maybe only seconds left, until my world comes crashing down on top of us. The panic will return, as will the guilt, and I’ll put a stop to this. We shouldn’t be doing this. We can’t do this. It will destroy me if I go through with this, but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying this moment wrapped in his arms.
I open my eyes with his next hungry kiss trying to take him in. Every tattoo and ripped muscle of his tanned body. With each kiss, I take more of him in so I will have this memory when I tell him we can’t be together. We can never be together. I can never be with anyone ever again.
Landon tries to move back to kiss me somewhere other than my lips, but I don’t let him. If he moves his lips, the panic will return faster, and I just want this to last as long as possible. I grab his thick, wavy hair and keep his lips pressed to mine; I barely let either of us come up for air between panting kisses.
I can’t stop his hands from wandering all over my body and making me moan. He grabs my ass and pulls me closer to him; he’s begging my body for more, but I can’t give him more. He pulls his lips away from mine just enough to speak against my lips.
“God, Alex. I want you so bad.” He runs his tongue over my lips, and I feel myself melting into his arms as he holds me up, not letting me fall. “I’m such a monster for wanting this after what you just told me, but I don’t care. I know you need this too,” he says. 
He pulls me on top of him on the bed giving me control to do what I want. He’s giving me the chance to walk away if I want to stop this, but I can’t.

“I’m the monster,” I whisper before I nibble on his ear.

Author Information

Ella Miles writes sexy romance with strong females that could kick your butt if you piss them off, which they often do to the men that fall for them. She's currently living her own happily ever after near the Rocky Mountains with her high school sweetheart husband. Her heart is also taken by her goofy two year old black lab that is scared of everything, including her own shadow. Ella is the author of the Aligned Series and Maybe Series. Get her free books by visiting her website:

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Aligned Book 1

Title: Aligned

Author: Ella Miles
Series: Aligned (Vol 1)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Nov 8 2015
Edition/Formats: eBook & Print
He’s an arrogant complication.
I don’t care if Landon Davis has sold millions of records. I don’t care that his damn crooked grin makes my panties wet.
I can’t want him.
I should be mourning, but I can’t. I just need him gone. Then I can align the chaos floating in my head.

She has a f*cking boyfriend.
I’ve seen the picture of them together. But Alex Blakely still wants me. And who am I not to oblige when her body is begging for me?
I need one night to own her body.
I should be focused on getting my career out of the gutter. I’ll take one night first. Then I’ll be gone.

*** Aligned: Volume 1 is the first novella in a four part contemporary romance series. Volume 2 is a novella coming in December 2015. Volumes 3 & 4 will be full length novels coming spring 2016. ***

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“Ma’am, are you okay?” a deep voice says to me.
“I’m not a ma’am,” I say, not bothering to open my eyes or move. He’s confirmed that I’m not dead, so I expect him to leave me alone. I have learned after living in LA for the past three months that the people here aren’t any more considerate than the people in NYC are. I exhale when I hear the lobby door swing shut again.
“I’m such a disaster,” I mumble to myself.
The same deep voice laughs. “A beautiful disaster.” I open my eyes and see golden brown eyes peering curiously at me. I slowly sit up and gulp at the sight in front of me. He grins and my cheeks burn a bright shade of red. His dark brown hair is tousled; it doesn’t look like he’s ever combed it. Dark stubble covers his strong chin and neck. He’s not wearing a shirt - just shorts and running shoes, which allow me to see every perfect muscle glistening from the sweat covering his body. Tattoos cover his torso and arms. Beautiful. I realize I’m staring, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from him if I wanted. He’s too beautiful. I feel my heart racing again, my breath quickening and the sweat forming have nothing to do with my earlier panic attack.
He gently places one finger under my chin, raising it to close my gaping mouth. I flush a shade redder, but I don’t stop staring. He has a gleam in his eyes as he looks intently from my mouth to my eyes and then my forehead. 
“Shit, you’re bleeding,” he says, breaking the spell that has come over me.
“I’m sure I’m fine. I just need to get back to my condo,” I say as I begin to stand. He offers his hand to me, and I take it as he easily pulls me into a standing position. He holds onto my sweaty hand for much longer than what is necessary for me to regain my balance. I stare up at him now as he towers over me before he quickly jogs around the lobby picking up every apple, orange, and tube of Pringles that rolled out of my bags when I fell. My mouth gapes open again, but no words come out. I just stand frozen.
“Breathe,” he says, smiling. My face heats up again as I release a breath I didn’t know I had been holding. Get it together. You can’t be into him. It’s too soon. I reach into my pocket to feel the warm green fabric there. It reminds me of what I’ve lost and what I am not willing to lose again. I take a pained breath as I let the guilt wash away.

Author Information

Ella Miles writes sexy romance with strong females that could kick your butt if you piss them off, which they often do to the men that fall for them. She's currently living her own happily ever after near the Rocky Mountains with her high school sweetheart husband. Her heart is also taken by her goofy two year old black lab that is scared of everything, including her own shadow. Ella is the author of the Aligned Series and Maybe Series. Get her free books by visiting her website:

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RBTL Presents Learning to Breathe Again by Kelli Heneghan Release Day Blitz

Title: Learning to Breathe
Author: Kelli Heneghan
Series: Texas Learning Book 2 (but Read as a Standalone)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: April 6 2016
Edition/Formats: eBook & Print on Demand via Amazon

Bayleigh Morrow just wants to hide from the world for a little while, recover
from all the knocks she’s been taking lately.
What better place than small-town Texas, where she can reconnect with
her brother, meet her new sister-in-law, and just be left alone?

Jack Williams has no intention of ever falling in love
again.  One betrayal was enough for
him.  But when Bayleigh almost collapses
in his office, he’s determined to help her and keep her safe.
Stranded by an ice storm, Jack is the only one there to pick
up the pieces when she has a panic attack.
Sparks begin to fly and flames ignite as these two love-wary souls find
their way out of the darkness and learn to breathe again.
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Author Information

Kelli grew up all over the East Coast but her
family finally settled in Cincinnati long enough for her

Graduating from the University of Cincinnati with her BS in Nursing, she left
Ohio for Texas and the U.S. Army.  She received a medical discharge for a
knee injury, but was able to meet the man she'd one day call her husband
first--thanks to some mutual friends who insisted they would perfect together.
And what do you know--they are! 
to finish high school
and college.  She has always loved to read books and write her own
stories.  In high school, she used to
pass around the latest chapter of the story she was writing for her friends to
read.  There is more than one high school
teacher out there that can probably remember telling her to put the book down
and pay attention to the lectures.

She continued to read books
by the dozens and write her own stories.
And then one day, a friend dared her to enter a contest.  She didn’t win, but the feedback she received
from the judges convinced her that maybe people were interested in the stories
she wanted to tell.

She still lives in Central Texas, with her husband, two children and 2
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