Friday, September 21, 2012

Oracle's End

First round of edits are completed.  Now onto a more intensive edit.  Correcting punctuation and grammar.
I hope to have this book out soon.
Keep your eyes open
Updates will continue to follow as it gets ready

Friday, September 7, 2012


Well I have finished my first book and I am in the process of  editing to get it sent off.  I am totally excited about this process.  There is something to be said about seeing something from start to finish.

Title looks like it is leaning towards   Oracle's End   but that might change at the last minute.

Can't wait to hear from you guys on this exciting adventure that I am partaking in

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Part 6

 “Anien, don’t push the child.  She just went through something horrific.  When she is ready she will talk to us." the big man announced.
I stared at him in awe.  He was tall with big arms that looked like tree trunks.  He had light brown hair and the same blue eyes as Anien. 
I went through my bag that Anien placed at my feet as he walked away.  He was leaving me so that the man could look at my head.  I was too scared to be alone, so I ran after him and grabbed his hand.  He followed me back down to the horse. I pointed for him to sit on the ground, but he just stood there.
“I…am scared.”  I managed to squeak out.
“Are you?” he asked softly.  “You want me to stay by you is that it?”
I smiled at Anien.  He would be my friend from that point on.  What surprised me the most was the feeling of warmth that spread through my body at that realization.  While the man was looking my head over.  I heard several hums, and ohs.  But I stood still. 
 “Father, is she okay?”  Anien asked just as curious as I was.
The big man slowly got down on his knees to look me in the eyes. “You have a few cuts on your head. But you should be okay.  When we get back to our home you will need to have something put on your head.  We do not want you to get an infection.” 
“Father, look a note, I think this is her name.”
The big man took the note and examined it. 
My head was not hurting as much as before and my throat was beginning to feel slightly normal.
The big man was still examining the note.  He looked right at me.
“Yes, Anien it is her name.  This note her mother wrote for her.”  He paused for a minute. “Young Kyrah, my name is Lord Arlin, I rule Azregard.  When we got to you, your mother had little life left in her.  Still she was able to tell me your name and who you are, and who your father is.  I must tell you, that your mother took great risk to have you.  Do you understand this?”
“Yes” I managed to choke out. 
“I am sorry about your mother, my dear.”
I looked down just a ways and saw her body was now wrapped in a blanket.  This was now her life.  I could only hope that she had found peace.  So long ago it had seemed when I watched her laugh and smile with me, but I knew there was something missing in those laughs and small smiles.  At night I could see her longing for more.  Still she said nothing, and always loved me.