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Office Seduction

Work has always came first for Lucy Baine. That was all true until Darrick Steele bumped into her, smearing a cherry Danish all over her blouse. From that day on the man had been a constant reminder to her of what she had put aside to achieve her goals.
Darrick Steele as always appreciated his current employers no fraternization policy. That was until he meet Lucy Baine the new Human Resources Director. Not only was she not touchable,  she would  be responsible for his firing if he pursued her. Nonetheless, once Remmington got a look into who Lucy was he knew he it was just a matter of time. Now it is up to him to prove to her that she needs to leave rules and regulations behind and take a chance with him

His Final Bounty Book 4

The story comes to an end as you will discover what secrets Jefferson has been keeping from his family and from the love of his life Eve.  

Find out if his secrets are too much for his relationship to heal all wounds or if sometimes there is no coming back.

Her Immortal Life

She has lived far beyond her years. Join Lara as she discovers what she is as well as what it means to have someone at your side. Will she be safe from the danger she puts herself in or will the danger take her from the family and the love she is growing to accept?

Temptation Series

Information to follow soon..........

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