Thursday, August 30, 2012

Part 5

I watched from the reflection in the water as the boy left me and walked to the big man.   The muffled sounds from where they were caused me to turn in their direction, I watched their lips moving but could not make out what they were saying, but felt as though it had something to do with me.  The boy soon walked slowly towards me holding his hands out.  I could see in his hands as he got closer that he had bread.
  “Small one, can you eat?"  I nodded for I was afraid to use my voice. "You have an injury that my father would like to look at, please come with me.”
I tried to look my body over to see if there truly was an injury, but from my point of view I could not visibly see this injury he spoke about. I weighed my options.  The big man was with my mother and he and the boy had yet to hurt me so I nodded.  I took the bread out of his hands and was trying to tear a piece off as I starting walking back towards my mother and the big man.   As I was attempting this task I heard.
“May I help you with that” he said reaching for my hands.  I gave the bread back and in return he handed me the piece I was working on.  As we made our way to where his father the big man was I reached for my bag.  The boy knelt down faster than me and put it into my arms.  “My name is Anien. Can you tell me your name?”
I looked at him very puzzled. I tried to speak but my voice hurt and nothing came out.  So he handed me a jug and told me to drink.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Part 4 Truth of Crystal Eyes

It seemed as though the journey lasted years when in truth I cannot tell you how long it lasted.  My eyes were blurred with each tree that we passed that I lost count of the seconds that i counted. It was only when we stopped at a stream, that time seem to have come back to me.  The rider that I was with got off his horse, it was when he turned to look at me that I saw he was young but older than myself.  As this boy carried me down to the stream for water and probably to clean up some I saw the big man kneeling next to his horse with a body on the ground.  I knew it was my mother, she must not have survive the journey. Was all I could think.  Yet, in my head I knew that she should have died long ago, it was her sheer will that she lived for me.  She lived to make sure I was safe. 
I sat at the edge of the water scrubbing my face as the tears flowed. I cried for those in my village that I knew, for those babies that would never grow, never take a first step, never smell spring, I cried for my mother.  She risked every thing just to have me and then again to save me.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Part 3

“Don’t be afraid child…I am not the one who did this. You must let me look at you and your mother.”  I could see him lowering himself down onto his legs.  I didn't care that his voice was soft and soothing.  With everything that I had left in my body I took one lunge at him and fell at his feet.  He looked at me with the most caring blue eyes I had seen. Looking at him I starting crying as he picked me up with such gentleness that I had only experienced with my mother.  He took me to the other rider that was with him.  As I laid cradled against this other person, 
I watched as the big man bent down to my mother.  I saw all her strength go into wrapping her arm around his neck.  It was then I noticed her lips moving and his head nodding. 
“What is she saying to him?” I wondered silently
He slowly put her on his horse and then jumped up behind her.  The horse did not flitch one muscle as this big man made his jump to sit on the horse.   Even though my body was trembling with fright I some how felt safe in the arms of this other man.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Truth of Crystal Eyes-2

When I woke up it was night, I found that I ached from a pain that was as much as a bodily hurt to an emotional one.   I slowly crawled out of my hiding spot.  I did not want to get caught.  I stuck my head out through the thick bushes that held my hiding place.  When I did not see anyone around, I slowly moved out.  In a small distance I saw a small figure lying on the ground.  I quickly took another look around, stood and walked very slowly over to that figure.  It was my mother, I think I knew that before I made my way over to her.  Her face was beaten, blood still dripping out of her ears and nose.  She had only a little breathe left in her.  I dropped at her side pulling the bag that she still clung too from her arms.  Quickly going through our bag to find a cloth to clean her face with.  As I was going through the bag I found a note folding just slightly but enough it showed that I read


I found the cloth in the bag and started to wipe her face as my mind wondered to the fact that my mother knew something bad was going to happen.
How could this be happening to me? I thought to myself I was just a child.
I did not know how to find my father, where to go or how to really do anything.  So now I am here alone and in the dark with out my mother to guide me I began to cry uncontrollably looking at my mother fragile disfigured body. I laid my head down on her stomach wishing her to magically be healed of all wounds.  I had only known her my whole life, and just stories of my father who was never there. 
I am not sure how long I laid there crying, because when I finally opened my eyes I could see a little light.  In that light I saw this white majestic figure approaching me.  I was too petrified to move. Then a man got off the majestic being. A horse it finally dawned on me.  He slowly walked over to me.  I grabbed a branch that was near my arm.  I started to swing it at him.  I did not know if he was good or bad, but he was not going to touch my mother nor I.  I was determined to fight with what little strength I had.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Truth of Crystal Eyes

Battles will always be fought as long as men find something to fight over.  This was the world that I was growing up in.  Men in my home of Regord were always fighting.  The current battle that was taking place was over some another Lord or King from a neighboring country wanting to expand his territory, or so my mother told me.  My mother was quickly trying to gather some things for us.  She was yelling at me the whole time.  I was not sure what she was saying, but I was pretty sure it was nothing good.  As soon as she gathered what she felt were all the things necessary my mother grabbed my hand and we flew out the door.  I felt lost in all the chaos that was around me.  My small legs were having a hard time keeping up with my mother. I was only seven years old and very frightened.
There were men on horses with weapons in there hands.  I saw my neighbor lying on the ground bleeding from her head.  My mother did not allow time for me to stop.  She just kept pulling me while weaving in and out of everyone in the village.  We made it to the border of the forest.  My mother put me in some bushes and held me close.  I was crying silently listening to my mother trying to clam me down. 
 “Kyrah, you must be quite.  We don’t want them to find us.” 
Just as my mother finished her sentence I heard heavy breathing.  I was squeezing my eyes shut.  I did not want to look up and see what was there.
“Find the girl!”  I heard a young voice yell.
 Could all this be because of me? Why is all this happening?  I heard footsteps coming closer to where my mother and I were hiding. 
Then in one instance my mother pushed me further in the bushes.  I hit my head and things were becoming blurry.  I faintly heard my mother whispering something in my ear.
 “Kyrah, what ever happens know that I love you and that I am doing this for you.  Do not forget who you are…..child.”
Then her voice was gone and I heard her screaming, then nothing after that.