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New Years Blog Hop

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New Year... New Year What????????

What does the New Year bring for you? Is it about new books you want to read? Starting a new healthy you?

My New Year is going to be about getting the last Bounty book published, and starting a new series that I am excited about. I have several books I need to finish and get ready for publication as well.That is just a beif glimpse into my year. I know it will be busy though.

As my publication list grows I will make sure I keep you all posted. So stay tuned. 

Tell me what you are expecting for this new year?

The Grand prize, which will be chosen from the rafflecopter at the bottom of the page will include: a $150.00 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card (winners choice) SSLY Key Chain, a signed copy of Bohemian Grove by T.M. Williams, an E-book of Maverick Touch: The Cat by Ashley Nemer, e-book Scorned (LeKrista Scott, Vampire Hunted) by Tyffani Clark Kemp, paperback copy of Summertime by Christina Cole, a signed copy of Mail Order Brides of the West: Trudy by Debra Holland, a Godiva Chocolate Basket Courtesy of Morgan Wyatt and an awesome prize, a 30 minute tarot card reading via Skype or telephone by author Shauna Aura Knight!(I wish I could win this one!)

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday Madness

Well Christmas is over......

Anyone else wiping their foreheads. :)

My kids had a great Christmas. Of course, they are five and three so it is still the suspense of Santa and anything is great. One day I will wake up and it will be oh, thanks (insert scarasm). I am holding my breath that moment.

Did everyone else have a good holiday?

Tell me your holiday moments. I would love to hear from you about the great times, the madness or anything else you would love to share.

The new year is approaching and I am working on my 2014 release list. It's hard to believe it really is going to be 2014.

Are there any New Year's resolutions out there?

My plans for New Year's will be a glass of wine, a kiss from my husband and kids, and crashingin bed. Yes boring, but then again I just might end up at my in laws.... Let me just say if that happens I will not be held responible for my actions. HAHA

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Title: A Secret Fate
Author: Susan Griscom
Series: A Whisper Cape Novel (#3)
Genre: Paranormal Romance (Adult)
Publisher: Amber Glow Books
Release Date: Oct 31 2013
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print

"Well, fate was cruel, wasn't it?"

Cael and Addison’s fate has taken an unexpected turn.
Gerry, Addie and Cael almost captured Careen’s murderer only to lose Cael in the battle—a battle that nearly cost him his life. But despite his survival, he faces a new challenge, thanks to Gerry's handiwork: will Cael remember Addie or is their love lost with him?
Addie’s family and friends think she should keep the relationship a secret from Cael so he isn't forced into feelings he can't remember. Just what she needs, more secrets and on top of everything else, someone stole the crystal. How is she supposed to get over the loss of her lover, a lover she'd barely had for only a few short months and deal with the secret of the lost crystal at the same time?
Aiden wants nothing more than to help Addie overcome her grief and get over Cael. Or is that all he wants? What happens when too many people know the secret and someone slips up?

Book Links

Author Information

Susan Griscom daydreams often. And sometimes her daydreams interfere with her daydreams not to mention real life. Because, let’s face it, her character’s lives are so much more exciting. Sometimes it’s young adult or new adult or just plain old mainstream fiction. Sometimes it’s paranormal romance, where her playing field delves into a different milieu than the usual vampires and werewolves. Some day she might write about fangs and fur, but for now she prefers sticking to strong heroes and heroines confronted with extraordinary forces of nature, powers and abilities beyond the norm, mixed with some steamy romance to get the blood boiling.
Susan lives in the Sierra Foothills in Northern California with her very romantic husband, her small yippy dog, Riley, and her humongous black cat, Saké. Her family consists of his and hers; four wonderful sons and one beautiful daughter, and seven grand angels.
Susan loves when a story takes hold and pulls her into the fantasy, that's magic.
You can visit Susan at www.susangriscom.com
or email her at susangriscom1@gmail.com.  She loves hearing from her fans.

Author Links

Blog Susan’s Wicked Writings
Blog Susan’s Sensual Side


Addie watched particles of dust float within the ray of light coming in through the window as the sun began its slow descent into the horizon. Like most things, cleaning house was not a high priority. Glancing at the kitchen, she considered making some coffee when the faint knock on the door jolted her. Addie didn’t know why it surprised her. She’d been expecting another visit from Darcy or Maia. What she hadn’t expected when she opened the door was Aiden. Aiden was Gerry’s best friend growing up and best man at his and Maia’s wedding a few weeks ago. Aiden had come by a couple of days after Cael’s disappearance to check on her, offering coffee and donuts, but Addie had been rude. Very rude, she remembered. He hadn’t been back since.
She sighed. “Why are you here?” Still rude, she thought, but wasn’t sure she cared.
“Came to see how you are. They say you haven’t left here since the wedding.” His voice dripped with the same thickly coated Scottish accent Gerry possessed.
Addie shot him a dagger-riddled glance. “Yes, I have,” she stated defensively. “I went to …” She hesitated and thought about the place where she’d last seen Cael and cried, begging him to hear her thoughts again and come home. Her voice shaky and raw, she tried to finish the sentence, “…to the spot where …”
“The spot where your boyfriend disappeared,” Aiden finished for her.
She turned away from him, trying desperately to keep the well of tears in check at the memory. “Yeah, and what business is it of yours, anyway?” God, Addie, the man’s only trying to be nice.
“None, I guess.” Aiden rubbed his chin, looked around the living room. She followed his eyes as they swept over the furniture, taking in the chairs and marble-topped coffee table. Then his brilliant blue gaze traveled to the all-too-comfortable deep-red leather sofa where she and Cael enjoyed many pleasant conversations as well as some steamy sexual encounters while taking in the heat from the large rustic fireplace. Aiden meandered his way through the entry, his gaze lingering on the massive window spanning the entire wall, and the breathtaking view of the ocean. His eyes glanced briefly up the stairs before settling back on hers. “This is a nice place you have. I can see why you might want to hole up here and hide for a while.”
“I’m not hiding,” she shot back at him, not meaning to sound so curt. Lowering her voice a tad she added, “I’m … adjusting.”
He nodded. “Aye, I see that you are.” He reached out, took a strand of her hair that hung annoyingly in her face between his thumb and finger, slid them to the end. She flinched at the gentle gesture. “You look thin. When did you eat last?”
“Not that it’s any of your business, I ate …” she had to think about that. When did she last eat? “Um … recently.” Addie frowned, pissed that she couldn’t think of a good reason not to be nice to him. He was only trying to help.
He nodded again. “I, uh … was on my way home from Manny’s grocery store. I saw the smoke from the chimney and thought I’d stop in. I have a couple of steaks in the car. I wouldn’t mind sharing … if you want.”
Her stomach grumbled at the mention of the steaks and she placed her hand over the traitorous organ in an attempt to cover up the rumble. Maybe she was hungry, but having Aiden in for dinner was not going to happen. She was certain to find something in the kitchen to fix. Maybe. There had to be some leftovers from the last time Maia brought her something to eat.
 Aiden grinned at her. “Your stomach seems to like the idea of food.”
Something about Aiden tickled her. He always seemed a little shy, but not, if that made any sense. He was full of charm but unpretentious. That was it. He was pretty hot for an older guy too. Okay, he wasn’t that old and he wasn’t as gorgeous as Cael. Addie caught herself comparing the two; well, maybe, but in a different way. Her mind rambled on with the strangest thoughts lately. It must be because she hadn’t been taking very good care of herself.
Aiden swiped his hand through his shoulder-length dark hair similar to the way Cael always did. Addie shook her head. “No. I …” she glanced at the kitchen. “I have dinner. I ... I’m sure of it.” Why was she having such a hard time talking? “I mean, I do. I do have dinner … already.”
“Right,” he said, strolling to the kitchen as if he’d been invited to stay.
“Hey! Where are you going?” Addie trailed behind him.
He stopped at the entrance, glancing around at the empty counter, the empty stove, and the dark oven. He opened the refrigerator and saw the starkness of the cold box. “Yeah. I see you have plenty to eat.”
His sarcasm exhausted her. She leaned against the doorframe, suddenly faint, unable to hold herself up.
Aiden stepped within inches of her, staring into her eyes as he propped his hand along the side of the doorframe very close to her face. She stole a quick glance at his long fingers.
“Look, I’m not blind. I can see you’re hurting. I can see you’re starving yourself. I can see that you’re sick with love and worry. I didn’t come by to upset you, and I’m not going to lie to you. I like you.” When she started to protest, he placed his finger over her lips. “And because I like you, I care about how you are getting along. I don’t expect anything from you.” Her knees grew sapless from standing and they buckled under her as she grabbed onto his arm for support. “Look at you, you can barely stand up, you’re so frail. You need food and …” he sniffed at her hair, “a shower.” She gaped at his audaciousness but resigned herself to hearing him out because she knew, this time, he wasn’t going away. “Now,” he continued, “there are a few events that are going to take place over the next hour. I’m going to go to my truck and get those steaks. Then I’m going to cook them while you go upstairs and take a shower. Then you will come back down here and you will eat. I am not leaving until all those things happen.”

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Title: The Nightlife Series Omnibus (1~4)
Author: Travis Luedke
Series: The Nightlife Series
Genre: Paranormal/Erotic/Vampires
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: July 2 2013
Edition: eBook with Print Coming Soon


The Nightlife Series is violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy.
Vampires, strippers, escorts, night clubs, pimps & dirty cops – the Nightlife Series is never boring.

Can decadence, corruption and prostitution go hand in hand with self-control? Over-indulgence, illegal activity and vampires lurk in darkness when night falls on the city.
The Nightlife Series explores the sexy, dangerous misadventures of vampires and an interesting assortment of wickedly corrupt men and women of the night. Gangs, pimps, prostitutes, cartel, mafia, drug dealers, addicts, alcoholics, and all those wonderfully colorful people you find rubbing elbows in the back alleys, night clubs, and strip joints.
These creatures inhabit a world of constant blood, sex, and arousal. The act of feeding is highly erotic, victims often experience multiple orgasms. A vampire’s bite is the most powerful drug imaginable, ecstasy, euphoria, and an ever-present potential for nightlife quietly, unobtrusively, until cornered. Then it gets ugly, people die. addiction. Lethally violent predators, they can cut through flesh like a hot knife through butter.

The Nightlife Series Includes:


Book Links

Book #1
Release Date: Aug 18 2012

Aaron Pilan’s life is forever changed when he’s shot trying to rescue a drop-dead gorgeous woman on the streets of New York. Aaron is thrust into the shocking world of vampiric slavery when Michelle shares her blood to save his life.
Michelle's existence as a solitary vampire is also altered when she accepts this naive young man into her life. Bound by her blood, Aaron is subject to her authority. He walks a tightrope of strictly controlled feeding regiments and intense sexual adventures while catering to the neurotic control-freak tendencies of his new master. She vows to eliminate him if he proves too difficult to control.
This story is bold and evocative, infusing blood, sex, love and turmoil in an urban drama about two vampires battling evil outside and within themselves.

My Review:

The Nightlife New York

4 stars 

I loved this dark world. It was enticing, intriguing and fast paced. This book kept me going I wanted to know how it would end. These characters Aaron and Michelle draw you in. It was great watching them grow as well.

Can't wait to read the next one.

Book #2
Release Date: Nov 17 2012

Vampires, Aaron Pilan and his master Michelle, live by one rule - no bloodslaves. EVER. Aaron breaks that rule when he meets Anastasia. All Anastasia wants is to be loved and cherished, but the predatory men she’s attracted to bring her only pain and abuse. Escaping one train-wreck relationship for another, she finds happiness with Aaron and Michelle as a bloodslave, a 'pet'.
When Aaron uses his telepathy to win thousands at the gambling tables, he attracts the deadly attention of the Colombian Cartel and Aaron and Michelle are 'disappeared'. Addicted to the bite of her vampire lovers, Ana is desperate to find them. But, Las Vegas isn't ready for vampires mixing heroin, sex and vengeance. Ana is trapped in the spiraling chaos.

My Review:

The Nightlife Las Vegas

3 stars

Once again the author delivered a fast paced books. Honestly I don't know how I really feel about Ana. I get her 'need' but for myself I was hoping she would rise above it somehow. Maybe she will later, but for now I could have done without her.
I will say the ending threw me and it was a surprise 

Release Date: April 30 2013

Vampire master Michelle, and her slave, Aaron Pilan, flee to Paris, leaving behind the slaughter in Las Vegas. Aaron made the costly mistake of taking a bloodslave, and then married her. The tragedy of his wife's death has driven a rift between them and Michelle is desperate to heal the breach.
Struggling with his predatory alter ego, Aaron is fractious, rebelling against his master. He desires another bloodslave, and that Michelle cannot allow. She opens her heart and soul to Aaron and he relives, through her memories, her dark, gritty tale of survival in the savagery of WWII Paris under the German occupation. Michelle's staggering revelations are deeply disturbing. The confrontation of master versus slave comes full circle as the couple faces death and separation.
And they are not alone in Paris. An investigator has followed them from Vegas seeking the unique gifts of Michelle’s blood. He’s watching and waiting for the opportunity to make his move against them.

My Review:

The Nightlife Paris

4 stars

I loved the build of this books. Holy Cow..... The tension, drama, the action in this books really is a page turner. I loved how Michelle opened up about her past. I thought it interested she hadn't done it sooner but glad to see it when I did. 

Stand Alone With Similarity to the Nightlife Series
Release Date: Dec 23 2012

Her mother named her Esperanza Salvación - Hope for Salvation. But when a girl works as an escort for Colombian cartel in the ghettos of Spanish Harlem, there wasn’t much hope, or salvation.
Hope’s telepathic ability keeps her a step ahead of ruin, but her unusual gift attracts the attention of a psychotic vampire bitch. Trapped in a Manhattan penthouse with the psycho, she thought she was dead meat.
Her survival lies in the hands of Vampire Master Enrique. He seems to respect her, perhaps even care. As a measure of protection, he makes her his personal Bloodslave. Helplessly addicted to his bite, Enrique rules her every moment. As always, Hope must adapt to survive.
Swept into the decadent nightlife of Manhattan's elite, she falls in love with Enrique and prays someday he may grow to love her, too. But is it simply a relationship of convenience? Is she nothing more than a concubine desperate to satisfy his nightly demands for blood and sex?
And forever in the background is the fear that one day the cartel boss she abandoned will hunt her down to collect on old debts.

My Review:

Blood Slave

4 stars

First I loved Hope and her strength. She is my favorite character. Now Enrique...hmmm I am not so sure. I get him being closed off but I wanted more from him. I think if a little more emotion was shown from Enrique he would have also been my favorite. Once again the author did a great job with this book.

These series is a great read!!!!

Author Information

Travis Luedke is a husband, father, and author of Urban Fantasy Thriller, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction, and Sci-fi. He is currently catching a 3rd degree sunburn in San Antonio, Texas, and loving every minute of it.
As the author of the Nightlife Series novels, Travis lives very vicariously through his writings. He invites you to enjoy his macabre flights of fancy, but be warned: The Nightlife Series is violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy.

Author Links

Blog ~ Personal
Blog ~ The Nightlife Series
Email ~ twluedke@gmail.com
Facebook Page ~The Nightlife Series
Facebook Page ~ Author

A Scene from Nightlife Paris, the third of the Nightlife Series Novels.


“Do you have any flights leaving New York after sunset that arrive in Paris before sunrise?” Aaron Pilan stared unblinking at the travel agent, assaulting her with the full bore of his gaze.

“No sir, not commercial flights. I’m not sure about the charter flights.”

Aaron glanced at the nameplate on her desk and tried a more personal approach. “Penelope, I need your help.” He drilled into her mind with his telepathic probe, digging through her thoughts and emotions. “How long is a flight to Paris?”

“Well … it’s a seven hour flight at minimum, but the time zones …” He read Penelope’s every thought with ease. His eyes seemed to swallow her very soul with the wondrous intensity of his gaze. She fell under his spell in a matter of seconds. “Um … Paris is six hours ahead of New York, so it’s really thirteen hours …”

“Help me, Penelope. Help me find a flight that leaves by 7:30 p.m. and arrives by 7:00 a.m. in Paris.”

His eyes owned her as he read her mind. She couldn’t imagine disagreeing with him. She would give him anything – her heart, her body, her soul – just to know the truth behind his eyes. He read her infatuation as she moistened between the legs, staring at him like a love-struck teenager.

“Um … one of the Gulfstream charters might be able to do that.” She thought hard, considering one company in particular that would fly anyone anywhere, under any circumstances, for the right price.

“I knew you could help me.”

He took her hand and she wet her underwear in anticipation. A blush of rosy heat crept up her face and her little pink tongue darted out to swipe her dry lips. Her desire to be kissed flooded her mind, washing over him as he sifted through her thoughts. She focused on the gleaming white teeth of his smile, and he knew she wished he’d drag her into the alcove and have her up against the wall. Too easy. He could bend her over the kiosk right there.

He read all her fantasies, a series of delightfully wicked things she hoped for. Uncomfortably hot and bothered by his brief touch, Penelope’s fingers moved unsteadily over the keyboard. She tried not to look at him, but she couldn’t help herself.

She cleared her throat. “Executive Pathways can expedite a transcontinental flight tomorrow night for $16,000. Oh wow, that’s really expensive, but they’ll leave whenever you like. Are you sure we can’t make one of these commercial flights work? I can get you first class at a discount …”

“No thanks. I’ll take the charter.” His exacting flight schedule could not be compromised.

She continued trying to dissuade him. “It’s only a couple hours difference ...”

Two hours made all the difference. Vampires don’t do daylight. “I need two tickets.”

“Two? But there’s no discount for the second ticket …”

He followed her mind as she imagined accompanying him overseas. A foreign rendezvous, endless hours of sex in a French hotel suite. She’d let him do anything he wanted, repeatedly.

Michelle arrived, slipping her arm around him intimately. Gorgeous, blonde, glamorous, she could’ve been a model fresh off the runway. Penelope’s fantasy crashed and burned, the screams of dying dreams echoing in her ears.

He smiled at her again, and winked. “We’ll take two tickets.”

Penelope swallowed her demolished pride. He felt a twinge of sympathy as Penelope realized she could never compete with a woman like Michelle. His master was so beautiful it hurt to look at her.

“That’s $34,945.00 with taxes and fees. How will you be paying for that?” Penelope’s eyes kept drifting to the fabulous blonde draped around him.

He handed over his gold card, the plastic so new and shiny it still smelled of Las Vegas. Well over six figures backed that account from his nights as a high roller in Vegas.

She swiped his card and managed to smile without faltering. It touched him that Penelope wondered why she couldn’t have a man like him in her life. And then she glanced at Michelle under his arm, and she knew those women always stole all the Aarons for themselves. Penelope would have to make do scrounging for leftovers.

He leaned towards her, stealing her breath with his proximity. “Penelope, why don’t you join us for a drink when you’re off work?”

He followed her thoughts as she asked the question, is he worth sharing?

“I promise you won’t regret it.” He smiled again.

She bit her lower lip in anticipation. Yes, he was worth sharing, and the blonde might be fun too …

RBTL Presents Tempting Gray by T.A. Grey Release Day Blitz

                                                                     Tempting Grey
Author: T.A. Grey
Series: The Untouchables (# 2)
Genre: Paranormal Erotic 
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Nov 21 2013
Edition/Formats Available In:  E~Book


It all began nearly 600 years ago…
A dangerous vampire, mated to a woman his heart no longer
beats for.
A mistake that would change his entire life.
A mistake so horrific it would lead Grayson Blackmoore back
to one woman.
A woman who holds the power to shatter him completely—Arabella
Vengeance, bloodshed. The hunt is on and Grayson won’t stop
until they're all dead.


She smiled and held his hand a little tighter where their hands joined, energy swirled. He couldn’t see it but he could feel the presence of something special in her. Maybe she really was his bruid. A flicker of hope sprung. That could explain why she made him feel so strange…so good. 
“My mother’s not around. My father’s always traveling so I go with him. He’s really good at finding people.” 
“My father is Argonzo Blackmoore, president of the were and vampire council.” 
Her fingers flexed at the name. Everyone knew the name of his father. He was one of the most powerful people in the world. “That’s if you’re really that awful Grayson.” 
“Awful?” Surprise got the better of him. 
A playful look crossed her face. “I hear Grayson is a stalwart hero who’s as impenetrable as rock in a fight.” 
That almost made him laugh. “No one says anything so poetic about me.”
“True. I believe what they really said was that you were a quiet vampire with a temper.” She threw her head back and laughed, revealing the smooth length of her neck, and the thumping pulse beating beneath the skin. Gray had to force his gaze away from her vein. 
Too late! 
He saw the throbbing vein. The muscles in his neck locked tight in a painful knot as he straightened his spine. His fangs distended. Only weak, or young, vampires couldn’t control their compulsion to feed at the sight of a vein. Panic grabbed at him. How shameful to reveal his fangs to her, to show weakness to this woman. No! Grayson’s heart beat frantically, sweat slicked the back of his neck, he wouldn’t do it. Even if he had to kiss her to keep her from seeing those vile teeth. Wait. His mind slowed. Kiss her? Grayson froze, his wayward thought garnering far too much consideration. 
“Are you feeling well?” Concern pulled the girl’s eyebrows into a furrow that still made her look impossibly sweet. 
His eyes locked on her mouth. All he could manage in answer was a brisk shake of his head—no. 
“Is there anything I can do?” she asked. 
Again, he shook his head. How was it he knew he needed to open his mouth and speak to her, yet he couldn’t think of a single thing to say? 
He was nearly hugging her. They’d long stopped dancing. They merely stood there touching each other. Suddenly words he hadn’t known he wanted to say burst from him. “Please tell me if you are her!” He shook her with the question. “I must know.” 
The smile on her face faded. Sadness transformed her face into something beautifully bad. The look made his own heart break into pieces at the sight. “Are you truly Grayson Blackmoore or are you funning me, my lord?” 
Just then the sound of rocks being removed began. They’d been found. People on the other side of the rubble started clearing it out. The crashing of stone made it difficult to answer her without yelling. Grayson grabbed the girl’s hand and pulled her further back into the room as dust and small rocks trickled down from the pile. 
When he had her attention he told her, “I am.” 
She blinked as if she’d forgotten what he was talking about. Then she remembered. 
Grayson must admit he wasn’t prepared for the impact her stricken face had on him. He nearly took back his words—however stupid that’d be. He nearly denied truly being Grayson, he’d do anything, to remove that expression from her face. Anything. 
The rocks were being pulled away faster. They didn’t have much time. Grayson felt like he 
held a delicate kite in his hands on a thin string and the wind was whipping by trying to tear the kite from him. 
Leaning close he asked, “Are you her?” 
Her lips parted before she fixed her expression into an unreadable mask. He hated the look; she was hiding something. That secret look made his stomach plummet. But her next move caught him completely by surprise. The beautiful blonde were, not the dark-haired vampire who he’d be mating with tonight, stepped up on the tips of her toes and pressed her lips to his. 
It was Grayson Blackmoore’s first real kiss. 
Grayson jerked in surprise, but didn’t sever their tentative connection. Their breaths stirred, mingled. Eyes stayed locked in a warm embrace. Gently, he pressed his lips more firmly against hers. Their lips touched completely now. He yearned to close his eyes and kiss her properly how he’d really like to, but he could hear voices now. The wall was nearly torn down. 
Grayson stepped back from temptation, feeling as dazed as the girl looked. The stones were removed moments later and a flood of faces swept into the small room. His father was before him, angry. Not that anyone but close family could see that the president of the were and vampire community was anything more than mildly annoyed. No, Grayson had been around his father long enough to recognize the stiff upper lip and quickened steps. 
He was dragged to a room the size of an area. It was packed full of unfamiliar faces, both were and vampire. The room smelled of expensive cologne, blood that filled glasses, and sweetness from poppy flowers used to decorate the occasion. 
“We do not have time to idle, son. The Redenver father has it in his head this is a poor sign of tidings to come. Hurry, we must begin the ceremony before he reneges on his deal.” Argonzo Blackmoore was a tall, slender figure with the nose of a hawk, and the complexion of an Italian. 
His father cast him a spared glance, watchful. “Yes, now. Are you ready?” 
It was time. He would meet and mate with his one and only now. How strange that a cool stillness crept over him, bracing him, in that moment. Those unfamiliar faces turned to watch him and his father as they made their way to the center of the room to the dais on which stood the awaiting Blackmoore and Redenver family. 
It wasn’t her. 
Tongue dry as parchment, Grayson licked his lips. It couldn’t be her. The possibility of it was next to nothing. Yet, as his father released him and Grayson marched up the dais to meet his bruid, he yearned for that familiar face to stare up at him from beneath the veil. One that could dazzle him with a smile. 
His father announced the families to the quieting crowd. Grayson stood tall next to a girl wearing a loose white gown with a veil obscuring her face from view. Grayson would soon pull that veil up to reveal her. And so it began. 
He and the quiet girl who had yet to speak a word were positioned to face one another. Grayson swore everyone could see the sweat dripping down his temples. He was sure of it. Everyone knew he didn’t want to be here right now. They had to see it in the strain on his face. His hands managed not to tremble as he took his bruid’s slender hands in his own. For a second he found himself trying to learn if this girl’s hands were the same as the girl he’d danced with. The girl had been wearing gloves so he didn’t have any clue how her hands looked. Were they slender fingered with long nails like the girl next to him had? 
The moment came crashing over Grayson with staggering finality. A priest spoke vows before them, his words sounding as if they came from far away. On a final word, the bruid before him slowly pulled back the veil. 
It felt like someone was skinning him alive, such was the agony of waiting to see. 
Was it her? 
He didn’t think he’d ever wanted anything so badly in his life as he wanted this. The first strands of hair came into view. The very world rolled before him making the room spin in a whirlwind of motion. Grayson rocked on the heel of his boots nearly losing his balance before he caught himself. Did anyone see him losing control right now? Did anyone even care that his world was completely upside down? 
Across the room stood a girl. In front of him, a lovely girl with eyes the color of coal and hair dark as night looked up at him with calm acceptance. Across the room, his eyes stayed locked on a girl with the wildest blonde hair he’d ever seen. She stared at him with an expression 
Grayson knew he’d never be able to forget. For her look showed exactly how he felt right now—ravaged. Like he’d found something precious and perfect for a few minutes but now had to put the gift down and walk away from it. She shook her head as if to clear her head from what she was seeing. His body nearly surged towards her, wanting, no, needing to go to her and comfort her. 
Then Anita of Redenver spoke, and in a strong voice vowed to stay beside Grayson for eternity. 
It was his turn. His role had already been cast. His mother, his family, were more important than him. 

Grayson Blackmoore delivered his vows as succinctly as Anita had. Applause broke out as Argonzo presented Grayson and Anita to the crowd. Shiny teeth flashed in forced, over-bright smiles from the faces below. But across the room, the face he sought to look upon one final time was gone. And he realized, it would never be there again.  

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

RBTL Presents Evanescent by Carlyle Labuschagne Release Day Blitz

Title: Evanescent 
Author: Carlyle Labuschagne
Series: A Broken Novel (#2)
Genre: SciFi/YA/Dystopian
Publisher: Sensational Publications
Release Date: Nov 16 2013
Editions/Formats It Will Be Available In: eBook & Print
Ava knows much more, and feels much more than she is allowed to. When she starts questioning her origins and the destruction of Earth, things go horribly wrong for her. She is saved by a Minoan boy from an attempted kidnapping on her life – the perpetrators are evil Zulus and their dark ancient magic. Humans and Minoans are forbidden to interact with each other, and as she is taken back to their village she finds out why – they know of her, her kind and her destiny to save a dying race. Ava must rid them from the Council’s ruling and free the galaxy of The Shadow. Her destiny is to rise above the fall, because within her soul is the key to an archaic weapon that has been missing in the mix of a genetic code since the time of the ancients. As the prophecy unfolds she learns of her bloodline – a bloodline that makes her less human than she could ever have imagined. She alone has the power to destroy or save, but the mind-shift is a horrible thing. Ava will become what she hates to save the ones she loves. Beaten, poisoned, possessed and betrayed by her own emotions, she has no choice but to rise above it all… for that is her Destiny.
All my life, I had searched for something, something I thought I ought to be. I felt like I was living someone else’s life, waiting for the awakening of my own. I felt like an empty shell burning for life. That was, until the day I lay dying in the prince’s chambers. I could no longer feel the pain from the tear in my gut. The only sensation left was a hollowed-out feeling that I had made a huge mistake in assuming that taking my own life, would have stopped the ancestors’ spirit from raging out. I had given up. I didn’t want to see myself killing the ones I loved. I was the Chosen one, but I threw it all away for what I thought would save a life. Could you end a life to save a life? I did, and I have regretted it ever since. I realized then that things like me are not meant to exist. What had been missing my whole life? It was I. To find myself, I had to lose myself in the worst possible way. The consequences of my actions became the legend of The Broken.

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Carlyle Labuschagne is a South African Debut Author working her way into the hearts of international readers with her First Young Adult Dystopian Novel “The Broken Destiny. She is not only an author but works as a Sales Rep and Marketing Manager by day. She holds a diploma in creative writing through the writing school at College SA. Loves to swim, fights for the trees, food lover who is driven by her passion for life. Carlyle writes for IU e-magazine India, an inspirational non-profit magazine that aims at inspiring the world through words. The drive behind her author career is healing through words. Carlyle is also the founder of the first annual book drive – Help build a library in Africa project.  “My goal as an Author is to touch people’s lives and help others love their differences and one another.”

A firm believer in - YA Saves!

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