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BTL Presents Braid of Tongues by Monica David Blog Tour

Title: Braid of Tongues
Author: Monica David
Series: Braids Series (#1)
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: May 27 2015
Edition/Formats: eBook & Print

What if your perfectly contented life was suddenly turned upside down and you were forced to face a decision you never imagined you’d have to?
Ariane Reis has a husband who loves her, a young son and a cosy family routine.
When she starts a new job in the heart of London, she has no idea she is about to embark on a scorching sensory journey of eroticism and self-discovery that will irrevocably alter her life.
Luka Volkov is a smart and unnervingly intense Russian on her team. He is young, sharp and insatiable. He doesn’t just seduce her body. He seduces her mind and the very essence of her being.
Despite the emotional angst she finds herself in, Ariane must fight to get through the impossible task of untangling love from lust, or risk losing everything she holds dear. The problem is - not everything is black and white. 
A story both delightful and heartbreaking about regular people in unanticipated circumstances. 

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When I return to Luka’s room, he is still sleeping in the exact same position I left him in – sideways, his head resting on his folded right arm, left arm stretched in front of him, towards me, like an invitation.
I set my stuff on the chair and can’t resist. I kneel by the bed next to him and carefully pull the sheet off his body. Dear lord, he is something beautiful. He must have removed his shirt and trousers at some point after I blacked out, but he kept the trunks on and they look rather constricting. I’m not remotely surprised at finding him hard.
I reach out and gently set the beast free. Luka sighs. His penis is nothing short of perfection. Most penises I’ve seen, even in porn, have something that make them imperfect - size aside, they’re often bent to one side, the head is disproportionate to the shaft, the skin colour is too pink. Not this one. This one came straight out of an exclusive mould. Perfectly symmetrical, dead centre, up, smooth, mid skin-toned, not to mention the girth and length, which are imposing to say the least. Perfect.   
I sweep my fingers gently along it and it twitches. Someone is definitely awake and it’s not Luka. I caress the stem softly all the way down, over his testicles. They don’t have a single hair on them. That’s new. I’m guessing he shaves them. They’re smooth like ripe apricots. I lean forward and take one in my mouth, sucking lightly. Luka moans but doesn’t wake up. I do the same with the other testicle, then both, cautiously. I want to enjoy this. When I drag my tongue along his penis, Luka groans, stretches, and opens his eyes. I smile, caught with my hand in the cookie jar, or rather my mouth on the cookie so to speak.  
“Having fun?” he mumbles, his eyes bleary.
“Shhhhh,” I murmur. “This has nothing to do with you. Go back to sleep.”
His grin stretches from ear to ear. “I see ...”
Not one to waste time, Luka shoves a second pillow under his head, props himself up and lies on his back, hands behind his head.
“Help yourself then,” he prompts.
“Shhhhh,” I say, pulling down his trunks and tossing them on the floor. “I haven’t had a chance to introduce myself properly.” 
His penis twitches. I lie on the bed between his legs and lick the length from the balls to the tip, gingerly, repeatedly, focusing on my new toy.
“Well, he’s definitely ecstatic about meeting you.”
I wrap a hand around the base and circle the engorged head with my tongue, careful not to touch it with my lips. Luka moans and bucks his hips.
“Uh-huh, stay out of this,” I scold.
He rolls his eyes but is clearly delighted with the game. My tongue moves around and around in soft circles till I taste some of his pre-cum. I lick it off. It’s salty. “Hum ...”
His breathing roughens when I gently suck him into my mouth and hold it there for a moment. I don’t even come close to taking it all in my mouth, but I ease it in as far as I can bear.
Luka’s lips part as he enjoys the sight of me swallowing his erection, the lustful frown on his face spurring me on. I rub my tongue on the underside of his penis and cup his balls, rolling them slowly. His muscles tighten and a sigh escapes his throat.
Some women don’t enjoy giving blowjobs. I’ve always loved the control of throwing a man into escalating levels of pleasure until he reaches that exquisite place of masculine abandonment. I like to watch it without clouding my mind with too many of my own needs. Right now is my opportunity to give him back a fraction of what he gave me last night, and I’m relishing it.
I pull his penis out of my mouth only to sink it back in. I do this repeatedly, making it slide a bit further each time.
“Fuck!” he groans.
I begin to work my mouth up and down the straining flesh, sucking him greedily, my tongue twirling around the head while my hand strokes him.
Suddenly Luka sits up and pulls me to him. “God, Ariane, I have to fuck you.”
“No! Uh-huh! Lie back down immediately,” I admonish, pushing him back onto the pillows. “I just had a shower, and besides it’s my turn to have some fun.”
His eyes sparkle with a mix of excitement and frustration. “Really? I thought you’d been having a lot of fun.”
“Well, there can be some improvements.” I resume my torture.
“Ooh ...” he croons. “Is that so?”
“Uh-huh.” I nod.
“I’ll ... I’ll have to work on that then.”
Luka lifts his hips up and thrusts into my mouth. He keeps his eyes on me, glazed with a fervour that has me redoubling my efforts. He praises me with louder and harsher groans which I reply to with whimpers of my own. The power I hold over him in this moment sears me. He is steel-hard and by the pain in his tone, I know his self-control is waning.
His balls draw up, heavy and tight in my hand, preparing for release. I want to taste him so badly, I fist the base of his erection slightly faster.
Luka grabs hold of my head and pumps into my mouth, making me gag, saliva dripping from the corners of my lips. I gasp for air and subject myself to his rhythm.
“Fuck! I’m gonna come, baby, is that what you want? You want me to come in that sweet little mouth of yours, Ariane?”
My sex clenches at his dirty talk, protesting its emptiness while I vibrate muffled mewls against his cock. I guess that’s all the answer he needs.
“Have it, baby, have it all!”
He pushes my head down and holds me still as the climax hits him, his face ravaged by pleasure. He growls and his body jerks and his hot sticky cream hits the back of my throat again and again. I swallow as fast as I can and heave for air as soon as he lets me. Then I adjust the suction to a velvety stroke while he pants under me. He slumps back down onto the pillows.
Smiling victoriously, I wipe my mouth on the back of my hand. A wide grin breaks across his face and he reaches for me. I move up his body and it takes me by surprise when his tongue seeks mine. It’s so hot, my body rekindles. Sean won’t go near my mouth if there’s even a glimpse of semen.
“Thank you,” Luka drawls in between kisses.

Author Information
Monica David was born in Zimbabwe but she grew up in Portugal, by the sea. She has been living in London for nearly two decades, initially on and off in between travels and now permanently with her family. In addition to writing, Monica loves to read, photograph and travel. She values kindness, honesty and a good sense of humour.

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RBTL Presents Time Shifters by Myra Nour Blog Tour

Title: Time Shifters
Author: Myra Nour
Series: Standalone
Genre: Paranormal Romance w/ Time Travel Elements
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: May 1 2015
Edition/Synopsis: eBook


Briana has heard his voice for years in dreams. Calling to her. She hears that same voice in the handsome stranger she meets on vacation. Captivating and so familiar. When he unexpectedly transforms into a werewolf, Briana flees in horror. She knows him … he is the wolfman who haunts her dreams. More than anything else, it is her lustful response to the beast that terrifies her.
When Raynor finally meets his mate, he is confused by her reaction and even more so by her response when he shifts. She doesn't recognize him. In an attempt to escape, Briana jumps through the time portal of his people, landing her in Medieval England. Raynor must rescue her, which requires bonding with Briana as her mate. But first he must teach Briana that she is a shifter, then convince her not to be repelled by her other self, an ancient, powerful shifter. A snakewoman.

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“Oh,” she groaned aloud. There he was again, the dark mysterious figure that haunted her more nights than she cared to count. This time, they stood facing each other in the middle of a night-black forest; she was already frightened, her breathing frenzied and her heart pounding. She felt like she was caught in the middle of a Twilight Zone episode—death approached, but it was as if she were stuck in quagmire and couldn’t move.
He edged closer, stepped into the moonlit glade between her and the protective foliage that had covered his form. A werewolf! Briana was shocked. Even though she was a strong person, she was too scared to move an inch. She’d expected a menacing stranger, not a fictional monster. He looked real enough, his body bulky with muscles, and she even noticed a musky odor.
Abruptly, the creature jumped in one great predatory leap, landing directly in front of her. His weight crashed a small branch into kindling as he landed. Strangely, she wasn’t frightened, not now. Why? She didn’t know. Her heart thudded heavily against her chest, her breathing came out in short pants, but from another source entirely—she was turned on. Briana found this startling. The appearance of a savage, beast-like wolfman made her hot? It was insane, this sudden switch from terror to lust.
For years, she had been involved in strange encounters with this mystery man, who tonight, had turned out to be a nightmarish creature. But this was turning into the weirdest experience she’d ever had. Once he had made his appearance in wolf/human form, she no longer feared his presence. It was as if there was a connection between them, a hidden knowledge she found puzzling.
“Who are you?”
His answer was a guttural growl, then a pounce onto her body. She fell to the ground, landing uninjured on a soft pile of leaves. For some crazy reason, she knew he did not intend to hurt her. The beast’s body was heavy, his long hair tickling against her exposed skin. She glanced down at her naked body, again surprised; she’d been wearing her nightgown earlier.
Drool dripped onto her chin and she looked up into its beautiful, but eerie golden eyes, strangely unaffected by the savage grin of its fanged mouth. She still wasn’t frightened.

Author Information
Myra has published 14 books with Ellora's Cave & New Concepts Publishing. She enjoys writing romances with paranormal, fantasy & S/F elements, creating believable characters, and is known for her vivid imagination. Recently she has been writing horror; one short story was published by Undead Press in the House of Terror anthology.
Since 2012 she started Book & Trailer Showcase with her husband Simon. She is CEO of the company and BTS Book Reviews Magazine. Her EC novels have been released to her this year with the goal of turning them into Indie books.
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