Sunday, October 28, 2012

Part 11

I sat down on one of the chairs while an old lady brought some food to me. I ate every bit that was put out in front of me.  Everyone just smiled.
We sat there for a while.  I listened to everyone talk about the devastation that Lord Arlin found, when he found me. 
Before I was done eating Lord Alrin asked for every household member to come to the room.  He had something that he wanted to say.
As everyone filed in he stood, wanting to make sure his voice was heard..
“As some of you already know one of our villages has been destroyed.  All that remains is this small child.  Her name is Kyrah and she will be treated as mine and Lady Aun’s daughter.  Do you all understand me?” 
Everyone said yes and then left the room.  I was shocked by this gesture.
“Lord Arlin,” I said “why are you being so kind to me.”
“Well you see you are just a child; a child that has been wronged.  I also have a feeling that I know why everyone in your village was killed. We will not discuss it now.  I want to be sure before I say anything.”
 Anien stayed by my side as everyone left the room including Arling and Aun.“It is time that you get some sleep.  I know that you don’t want to be alone, so I will stay with you.”
I laid down on the bed and stared at him in the chair.  He too closed his eyes.  This was the last image I saw before I woke up screaming. 
Anien was right there beside me, trying to clam me down.  I eventually fell back to sleep but this time he held me close to his body.  I slept till morning and when I woke Anien was still in bed with me.  I just smiled sitting up.  His mother Lady Aun came in the room.
“Oh I see you had company last night.”  She was smiling as though it was normal for her son to be in a bed with a stranger.
“He stayed with me because I was scared.”
“That is alright child.  Anien feels protective of you.  He will be a good brother.”
“Lady Aun, I know what Lord Arlin said that I would be treated as a daughter, but……do I have to call you mother and father?”  I had such hesitation asking but it was important to ask.
“No child if and only if you are comfortable you can call us mother and father.  We will not push that on you.  You may call us Aun and Arlin….Okay.” 
I could live with that for now.  I was not sure if anyone could take the place of my mother who gave her life for me, but one day I might be able to have another mother.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jumping Thursday

On Thursday's I always get excited.  Yes, one would think that Wednesday would be exciting but for myself it is not.  I love Thursday's.  There is something about this day that has be jumping up and down.  This could be due to the fact that I worked most days from Sunday to Thursday so Thursday was my Friday. However, this could be the fact that as a child Thursdays were special days as school because Friday would be a party or a small celebration.  Whatever the reason I love Thursdays.

So I have decided in honor of loving Thursdays I am going to start putting something up for Thursday.  It might be a sexy picture or a funny saying.  So is born Jumping Thursday.

Hope you enjoy

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Part 10

His mother Lady Aun walked in.
“Well, child let us get you cleaned up shall we?” 
She and another woman undressed me and placed me in the bathing station.  It was nice and warm and smelled like lavender.  While I was in there they scrubbed my body and my hair. They did this in silence, and I too did not speak.  I was concentrating on not crying.  Remembering how my mother would bath me, she would always sing a song and then tell me a story about the Dragon that became a man for love.  So I sat there in the tub in silence.  I wanted to hear my mother’s story during this bathing.  So I told it.  Only my ears could hear this magical story.  Before I was done, Lady Aun and the other woman helped me out and started to dry my body.  I felt strange letting these women see me naked but I did not have the strength to do it myself.  Just as the older woman was drying my legs she screamed and was pointing at me leg. 
 “Child, how long have you had this?”  He voice was so intense that it worried me.
I looked down to see what she was pointing at.  As I looked, I saw that she was pointing at my birthmark that looked like a dragon. 
“Since I can remember. Why?  My mother says it is what makes me special.”
You have always had this mark.” She changed her tone.  So I nodded my head.
“Well that is very interesting.”  She said while putting a dress on me.
Lady Aun sent the old woman out of my room, asking her to bring Lord Arlin and Anien to her.  Wrapping a fur around my body.
Not to long after the old woman left Lord Arlin and Anien were in my room.
“Lady Aun, this young girl is still undressed.  What are we doing up here?’
“Husband you must see this on her leg. 
So I stuck my leg out for all to see my mark.  I thought it was just a mark, but these people seem very interested in it. 
“Don’t worry,” he said, “this is just very interesting." 
The men left and Lady Aun finished dressing me.  When she was done, Lady Aun asked if I would like to eat or sleep.
I chose eating,she then took me down stairs to get something to eat.  We made our way to this huge room.  It reminded me of the ancient time. It had this large wooden table with several chairs around it.  The room was dark it did have a few window that let some light in but it was gloomy.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Part 9

I looked at Lord Arlin with concern and worry.  Where were they taking her? I silently asked. 
“They are getting her prepared for the burial.  We can not wait to long to bury her, my dear.”
I knew that he was right, but still it was happening too fast.
I was not going to leave my mother. So I watched as they bathed her and re-clothed her at last the women wrapped her in white cloth.
The men carried her out to the steps of the house once that was all completed.
“My dear why don’t you pick the place you would like for her to be buried.  Any place you want.”
I looked at Lord Arlin while he stated that.  Then I looked around his fortress.  As I was scanning, I found the place I knew to be perfect.  It was further back against the far end of the stone wall. 
There were these purple flowers surrounding a large  tree.  She always liked flowers.
The men carried her over to the place and started digging.  Lord Arlin and Lady Aun left me to be with my mother. Though I could feel their presence behind me.  It was a comfort to know that  Anien stayed at my side.  It was strange being comforted by him as we just meet.  However, I felt his connection.  It was one that I shared with my mother.    A priest said a few words as the men placed her in the ground.  I silently wept for her life, for the life she and I should have had, and for the things that she would miss.
I held onto Anien’s hands, afraid to let go, for wanting to be buried in the ground with her.  Before her hand was buried I picked it up and kissed her good bye.
Goodbye mother, rest now.  I am in a safe place..I think.  Watch over and keep me safe. All my heart mother.
As the last of the dirt covered her body I knew without a doubt she was gone.  I had no strength left as I collapsed on the ground.  Anien picked up my small body, carrying me back to the house while I continued to cry on his chest.
I finally rose my head up when we entered a big room with a few windows.  There was a bathing station in the far corner.  I was utterly exhausted but I was trying to stay awakeI was afraid I that if I closed my eyes I would see everyone that I knew dead.  Anien sat me on the bed.
 “Is this my room?” I asked.
“It sure is, mother is coming up here very soon.  She wished to give you a proper bath and put you in different clothes.”
I looked down at the dress I had on.  It was a little ragged but it was the dress my mother made for my seventh birthday.
“Anien, will your mother let me keep my things?  They are all that I have left of my mom and of home.”
“I will let her know of your wishes.”  He got up to leave but I grabbed for his hand before he got to far from me.
“Anien, please don’t leave me.  I don’t want to me alone.” I whispered.
“Kyrah, my room is just down the hall.  When ever you need anything I will be there.”

Saturday, October 13, 2012

part 8

We stopped a few more times, though the stops were a blur.
When we finally made it to Lord Arlin’s home.  I only knew this because Anien woke me by a quick shake of the shoulder.
“Kyrah, here we are..look.”
My eyes were matted, rubbing them softly I was finally able to open them wide.  When I finally looked, I saw stone walls as tall as the trees themselves if not taller.  Right before us there was a massive gate.  There were symbols all over the gate as well as a carving of a huge dragon. 
I went through the gate feeling relieved that I was alive, but yet I could not escape the fact I was truly alone, and no mother to comfort me when I was scared.
Lord Arlin approached a woman who stood on the steps of the home.
“What do you we have here?” She said.  Her voice was soft almost a whisper.
“Lady Aun, I want you to meet Kyrah.  She will be joining our family, and will treated as such.”
“Yes husband.”
She did not question him, just came down the step when he did to greet me.
Anien helped me off the horse.  I walked back to the other horse that was carrying my mother.
“Lord Arlin, what will you do with my mother?”
Lady Aun looked at me, my mother and back at Lord Arlin with her eye brown arched.
“Aun, this girl’s whole village and mother have all been killed."
She nodded in understanding.
“Kyrah, well I had thought we would bury her here.  This way she is always close to you and you would not feel so alone.”
It was thoughtful and yet I could not hide my suspicion that there were other reason for this.
Men soon came and took my mother from the horse, carrying her body away.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Part 7

“Where will I go Lord Arlin,?”
“I told your mother that I would take you in, treat you as my own child.  It would be the only way to protect you.  There are men who are looking for you, we must get you out of here and quickly.  Once back at Azregard I will be equipped to protect you and will tell you more.”
Anien turned to me, “I am very sorry about your mother.”
“Kyrah, are you up to riding more?” asked Lord Arlin,
“Honestly I would much rather go back home, but I know that is not possible.  So whenever you are ready we shall go.”

I watched as the trees past by me. Staring blankly ahead was not helping me, I knew it would not change my circumstances.  I leaned back against Anien, closing my eyes..  He took one hand off the reigns and wrapped his arm around my waist offering me warmth and comfort.

I dreamed of my mother.  We were playing in a field of purple flowers.  Her hair blew in the wind, her smile was bright as I looked at her.  My mother had very dark eyes.

  I never really noticed her eyes. 

“I don’t know.  My mother only told me that I was special because of him, and he entrusted her to keep me safe.  Well look now… here I am safe…. but she is not.”  I was yelling in the dark.  I finally collapsed on the ground.
“It is okay Kyrah, I will keep you safe.  You have nothing to worry about.”  I heard his voice through the darkness.  

Friday, October 5, 2012


Being sick sure had created a damper on my ability to get my edits done.
I am working through it slowly and I am hoping that I have it all completed soon

Keeping my fingers crossed and will keep you updated as well