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Cover Reveal: Open House by Krystal Shannan

Cover Reveal
Pool of Souls books are getting a snazzy new look!

OPEN HOUSE | Pool of Souls Book 1

Rebecca Carol and Robert Corvin missed their chance to fall in love when Ares, God of War, took control of Robert's career. Rebecca's and Robert's souls have naturally pulled them back together for a second chance, but... How far will Ares go to get his own way?

Intrinsically woven into the fabric of human existence, Aphrodite, Titan Goddess of Love and Passion, dedicates herself to matching soul mates.

Will divine influence create another perfect match or will it tear them apart forever?

Here’s a peek…
(18+ Content Warning)
“I need to kiss you.” His voice was low, and his words lit a fire in her belly. She smiled and leaned toward him, closing the rest of the gap between their lips. His mouth closed over hers, and his strong arms wrapped around her back. He pulled her tightly against his chest. She looped her arms around his neck and sank into the embrace. His tongue swept through her mouth. Then he nibbled on her lower lip before loosening his hold on her body. He draped her across his lap and started undoing the buttons to her blouse. She trembled as his fingertips caressed her breasts.
“So beautiful,” he murmured, leaning down for a taste. Robert moved his lips along the top of one breast and then over to the other. She moaned as he moved his mouth up her collarbone and back to hers. He fumbled with the hook for a second before her bra snapped loose and he pulled her free from it and her blouse. She heard a satisfactory growl before she felt his mouth clamp down on a pink nipple. A thread of fire wound its way through her body from her breast to her core. The ache in her belly grew, and her entire body began to pulse.
He held her close to his chest.  As he stood, she opened her eyes. “Where are we going?”
“The kitchen.” She slid her hand into his shirt and grazed one of his nipples with her fingernail. He shuddered and flashed her a grin. “I’m going to have you for dinner.”
“I thought you already were,” she answered.
“That hardwood wasn’t the best atmosphere.”
Rebecca laughed and then sucked in a gasp as her naked back and shoulders met the cold granite of the kitchen island countertop. He quickly unbuttoned her slacks and slid them down her legs, dropping them onto the floor.
Robert lifted her leg and trailed kisses from the ankle up to her stomach. His lips burned where they touched, and she worked hard to steady her breathing. She was struggling not to come just from the soft touch of his mouth. Her body flooded with desire. He moved his hands and lips down her opposite leg until he was standing at the end of the island between her thighs.
When he hooked his fingers in her panties, she raised herself, making it easier for him to slide them down ... and off. She met his molten gaze with a moan as she watched him drop them to the floor with her slacks.

Novella - 22K word count - Paranormal / Fantasy Romance

The Pool of Souls, in series order..
OPEN HOUSE (novella)

Meet the Author:

Paranormal Romance author, Krystal Shannan, lives in Texas and is married to the love-of-her-life. They have a spunky young daughter who believes in fairies. Krystal professes to loving shoes, but avoids wearing them at all costs. She teaches in the public schools and writes as much as she can in her free time. If any more spare time can be squeezed from her day, she enjoys reading romance in all genres, but especially paranormal. If it has a 'Happily Ever After', she's on board!

Krystal Shannan Magick, Adventure, And Romance!
Author of
Chasing Sam | Vegas Mates Book 1 (Novella)
Open House | Pool of Souls Book 1 (Novella)
Finding Hope | Pool of Souls Book 2
A Very Russian Christmas (Novella)

Coming Soon…
Saving Margaret | Vegas Mates Book 2 (August)
Just Right (1NS) (Novella) (Fall 2013)

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Bounty for Love Blog Tour July 29-August 10

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share with you the news that Bounty for Love is scheduled for a blog tour starting tomorrow July 29 and going till August 10


7/29 - Books Pages & Dripping Ink 

7/30 - United by Books 

7/31 - Spiced Latte Reads

8/01 - Deal Sharing Aunt 

8/02 - Paranormal Book Club 

8/03 - Books, Books & More Books

8/04 - Tome Tender (guest post)

8/05 - Reading Between the Wines 

8/06 - Book Monster Reviews

8/07 - Inner Goddess

8/08 - You Gotta Read Reviews 

8/09 - Mad Hatter Reads

8/10 - KT Books Reviews 

8/10 - Miscellaneous Thought of Bookaholic

Now for the prizes because I know you are all wondering what is in store for you.

Here are the prizes:
GRAND PRIZE: 25.00 Amazon gift card, a bracelet and an eBook of choice from the BOUNTY series

Runners up: TWO (2) runners-up will receive an eBook of choice from the BOUNTY series

Hope to see you all there and be sure to add Bounty for Love to your Goodreads List

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Smexy Fab Four Blog Tour Presents: Next Move by Sabrina Garie

Chamber of Commerce CEO and single mother Jocelyn Wade plays to win—in the boardroom, at local politics and for her daughter. With an overloaded life and a heart scarred shut, she doesn’t do relationships. Ever. Until Jared Wyatt, the hot out-of-town fling she can’t seem to forget swaggers into her life with a different agenda—making Jocelyn his own.
Surviving a shattered marriage, Jared swore off women until a night of unparalleled passion with Jocelyn reawakens needs he thought long gone. When a new job as high school athletic director lands him in Jocelyn’s town, where sports and business rule, he must stay one move ahead of her in the game to win her body and heart.
After rancorous local politics upend their game board, they both must learn to trust again or lose a second chance at love.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, please exit this site.

An Excerpt From: NEXT MOVE
Copyright © SABRINA GARIE, 2013
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

“Unlike everyone else in this town, I’m not afraid of you, babe.” He moved over her, purposely looking down at her, channeling all his control through his eyes—a stance that usually had opponents quaking in their boots. Not her.
“Intimidation? It’s not working…darlin’.”
Grasping her upper arms, he pulled her against him so the hardness of his erection stroked across her mons until she shuddered against him. “It’s working just fine, darlin’. Stop pushing me away. You want this every damn bit as much as I do.”
“That was a fluke, a momentary weakness. I don’t do relationships.” Her face, smooth and hard as marble, denied any emotions.
Oh she’s good, but not good enough. “That ice-queen act may scare off the men around here but I know the hellion underneath. And I like her, claws and all.” One hand lifted her face toward him. The red wine on her breath mingled with her rose-lime scent as he licked her lower lip. “I know how to touch you, babe, to make you beg for it and you know I can make you scream. Play power games with me, you’ll lose. I don’t let up, ever.”
“Neither do I,” Jocelyn spat, a glint of darkness clouding her eyes the only hint that she was struggling to keep her will in check.
Tightening his hold, fingers furrowed into the soft flesh of her biceps to keep her close. “I’ve already outmaneuvered you tonight.”
“Overconfident so early in the game? Bad move. I lost a round, not the match.” She glared at him, those brown-black eyes had liquid silver shooting through his veins. He wanted to be pounding the hell out of her on the desk in the corner.
“God, you make me so hot.” He nibbled her chin and cupped her ass to him to let her feel the strength of his hunger.
“Changing battle tactics? Not working.” Her hands on his chest, she pushed back.
“Sure it is. You’re as ramped up as I am.” His hand snaked up under her jacket, his thumb flicked at the bullet-hard nipple. “Right now you’re imagining how you want me to take you. I like the desk, but maybe you’d prefer it against the wall? Hard and wild, just like you like it.” Desire widened her eyes.
“I don’t do relationships,” she whispered, pain crackled in her voice as she struggled to suppress a moan from escaping.
“So you keep selling, but I’m not buying.” He found his advantage and he pushed it. “Mark my words. I’m going to fuck you again, here in this office. It’ll be so damn good my name will be echoing through these hallways, you’ll be screaming it so loud. And then I’ll make love to you, kiss and stroke until you’re purring in my arms and begging for more.”

Distance, she needed distance. Liquid heat drenched her silk panties, she flamed so hot. Jared in full alpha was a sight to behold. The sandalwood scent tickled her nose, drumming up memories of that mouth licking her to bliss, those talented fingers… Damn.
“No, Jared. It’s not going to happen.”
“Yes, it is.” The steel in his voice was unmistakable. “I’m going to win, Jocelyn, because you want me to. I can smell the lust in your pores.” Warm breath on her neck fanned the flame engulfing her spine, traveling at breakneck speed to her womb.
Somehow she ripped free of his touch, those fingers still stroking her breast. It took every ounce of her control to not pull him in the corner and strip him bare. She had to get away. Instead of pissing him off and sending him packing with her gambit, she got more Jared. Time to regroup and figure out next steps, this was not over yet. Not by a long shot.
“Don’t bet on it. We’re done here.” Her voice cracked, but she pulled it together to strut out of the office to the elevator and didn’t look back. Jared could find his own way out.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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Smexy Fab Four Presents: Bound to Me by Jeannette Medina


A girl with nothing else to lose.
A life that's brought nothing but pain. 
A tattoo that's more than what it seems.

Eighteen-year old Veronica has had enough. Her alcoholic mother has only delivered a slew of abusive step-fathers and life is only getting harder. What was to be a simple tattoo for her birthday brings more than she ever imagined. Liam is a shape-shifting dragon. He lives on her shoulder, watching her, helping her. Having the dragon come to life and teaching her courage becomes a new lifeline for Veronica. But Liam will eventually become a permanent tattoo on her skin - never to take the shape of the protector she became attached to. Will she embrace her life or will a broken heart shatter her soul forever?

Review from Kristin Pittman 
Link on Goodreads
On Goodreads 
I have only read one other dragon shifter book before, very different than this one, but I loved them both.

Ronnie comes from a broken home, a product of domestic abuse but she doesn't cling to her role as victim. She often deflects the anger of her step-father from her mother. She is a hero in that sense alone.

Liam is a dragon shifter with little experience guarding a ward of this sort. He is a fierce warrior and blood thirsty. I wont say Ronnie tames him, that is not true, but she helps him grow to learn that there is more to even a dragon than blood lust and war.

Their relationship is not easy and both make mistakes, it was quick and passionate but also sweet and affectionate. 

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B3 Blog Tours Presents: Until Death Do Us Part by James Fller

Title: Until Death Do Us Part

Author: James Fuller

Genre: Paranormal Erotica

Release Date: June


What was supposed to be a lustful night of passion and sinful, sexual thrill turned bloody in a way he could never have imagined, revealing a predator that plagued the night and feasted on the living...

 Fueled by the bleakest of hope and the haunting images of the past, Conner cleaves a path of retribution through the midnight world of vampires; dangling his morals and life in the balance to retain what little he has left of his former self, praying each step will bring him closer to finding ‘her’ and the  one that took everything from him...

Book links:

Author Bio:

James Fuller has enjoyed the fine art of writing for many years now, he‘s
been busy with many on the go book projects lately as he‘s extended his writing from fantasy fiction to also writing a short story anthology as well as an up and coming zombie apocalypse. His popularity has grown not only locally but online through Facebook where he runs his author’s page which is constantly growing as he hosts contests and give-aways daily.

James has an absolute passion for his characters and unique twisted plots with his detailed writing skills that really brings his books to life and makes his characters and their journeys so favourable. As an author he also goes above and beyond when it comes to writing battle scenes, the intricate design and explanations of fighting, not only in swordplay but also in tactics is one of James incredible expertise in which he delights in.

When James isn’t on his computer writing the third instalment of the Fall Of A King series “The Bastard King: Birthright“, he enjoys recreational activities such a camping, fishing, hiking, and archery. Along with being an adventurous outdoors man James also spends many of his hours in a day as a devoted husband and father. 

Author Links:

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Smexy Fab Four Presents: Omega Mine by Aline Hunter

Title:   Omega Mine

Author: Aline Hunter

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Omega Mine Blurb:

A bond forged in blood. Fealty given to the one he desires above all others.

Graced with the ability to shift into any form, Diskant Black is the absolute authority when it comes to New York shifters, and as the Omega of the city, his word is law. Protecting the shifter races is more than a job, it's a predisposition ingrained since birth--nothing is more important. Until a chance encounter with a tiny female sets fire to his blood, brings him to his knees and turns his world upside down. Ava Brisbane is more than he bargained for in a mate--beautiful, fragile...human. If he wants to keep her by his side, he'll have to sacrifice a portion of his soul to establish a bond that can never be broken.

Unfortunately, the timing couldn't be worse. Shepherds--hunters of all the shifter races--have arrived in New York. To protect the woman he can't live without, Diskant will have to stand against those who have come to start a war.

Buy links:

Meet the Author:

Aline Hunter is the alias of multi-published author J.A. Saare, who has written stories featured in horror magazines, zombie romance anthologies, and flash fiction contests. Her work has a notable dark undertone, which she credits to her love of old eighties horror films, tastes in music, and choices in reading, and have been described as "full of sensual promise," "gritty and sexy," and "a breath of fresh air."
Currently she is penning multiple projects within the urban fantasy, erotic and contemporary, and paranormal romance categories. You can visit her online at Those interested in her tamer side can learn more by visiting

My Review:

I loved the story. After just a few pages I wanted to know more Ava and Diskant. I thought the characters were great and provided great chemistry.  It is an exciting story that allows you to feel for the sub characters as well.

I thought the end of the story was great. It provided a finale as well as left you a cliffhanger for the next installment. 

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Book Spotlight: A Haunting in Trillium Falls by: Mary Vine

Title: A Haunting in Trillium Falls

Mary Vine

Genre: Sweet Contemporary

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press/Wildflowers Books

Release Date: June 3, 2013

A courageous but naïve woman and a benevolent but cynical man reconcile to evict ghosts and restore a mansion.

Taylor Glenn makes a deal on a haunted mansion in the town where she accepts her first teaching job. Her naïve optimism assures her that her depressed grandfather will come to life and help her rebuild it with the passion he once possessed for restoring old homes. Three deaths are connected to the tower room and no local workman will set foot inside except for the former owner, successful real estate developer, Dillon Nash. She wonders if this captivating man is the salvation she needs or an even greater threat to her survival when mysterious events happen in the house.

All Romance


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Sony – Coming soon!

It’s also at Overdrive Content Reserve (distributes to libraries and various retailers)

Distribution to the following retailers and partners...
Amazon Kindle

Smexy Fab Four Presents: Hope Walsh's Spotlight Tour The Hunted Series

Once Forbidden

Sarah's life changes forever the night she runs into a burning building to save a trapped child. Horribly disfigured by burns covering over fifty percent of her body; she rarely leaves the house and supports herself by designing websites. What man could ever possibly want her now? 

Soon after, the dreams start. In those dreams, she's once more the woman she used to be and with the man of her most secret fantasies. They're just dreams--but oh, how she wishes they were not.

Then, there is Devlin. When he saw her saving that child, he knew she had valor. When he went to her though her dreams, he knew he wanted her.The problem?  What woman would want him after what he's become?

Even if by some miracle she did want what he wants--it's forbidden. For good reason. Those like Devlin are being hunted--would his love put her at risk?


Once Bitten 

Hailey has just broken up with "The Jerk" and is finding her way again as a newly single woman. While out with a friend in a bar, she wants to just go home and curl up with an episode of Stargate SG-1.

While waiting for a cab, she's offered a ride from an old classmate, Bennett Wilmont. He's even a cop now. What could be safer?

Their chance at happiness is endangered when she realizes that Bennett is on the radar of Vampire Hunters--and they will do anything get to him.

Bennett has wanted her for years--since they were high school together. Now, ONCE BITTEN, he knows he wants her forever--but will the Vampire Hunters allow them their happiness, or will the danger drive them apart?

buy links   It's only on Amazon currently:

Hope Welsh writes romance fiction. Her first love is paranormal. She's also currently working on book two in the Prophecy Series. Book One is available now. Her current works in progress also include two young adult paranormal stories she hopes readers will enjoy.

She's been writing since she was in third grade, and has never looked back. She's also published some of her more steamy stories with various e-publishers using a pen name.

Currently, she lives in Florida. Hope enjoys creating characters that come alive on the pages! Her goal is always to provide an entertaining read that her readers will love.

Hope is available on Twitter @HopeWelsh and her blog is at -- be sure to check her blog often, as she loves to run contests for her readers.

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Book Spotlight: Dark Moon Magic by Jerri Drennen

Title: Dark Moon Magic
Author: Jerri Drennen
Genre: romantic suspense
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: 2012
Available on Amazon


Practicing wiccan Regina Moon is starting over in the tiny town of Groves, Arkansas, hoping her New Age shop will succeed despite her friends objections. A ritual-type killing of a local man transforms the quiet little community into 1692 Salem, with all eyes on her, and has the sheriff, Trace Langston not only trying to solve a murder but disbanding a mob of angry townspeople hell-bent on burning her at the stake. In all the upheaval, a cold case, sealed within a circle, is unearthed, and an evil no one knew existed revealed.

Connect with Jerri Drennen