Saturday, September 21, 2013

#MySexySaturday Post - Bounty's End @MySexySaturday #MMSWeek17

Happy Sexy Saturday Week 17...

This week I am posting about book 2 Bounty's End.

Last week you were introduced to Alek and Tess.  Today get a sneak peek into the sexiness of Thomas and Wen


Thomas has reached a point in his life where he is done with bounty hunting. He is finally ready to take the step in following his dream and hopefully put his family back together. However, before that happens, he has to rescue his neighbor—the woman he has been lusting after—from unsuspecting danger that lurks at every corner.
Wen has been in love with her neighbor, Thomas, for the last six months. Yet, with his schedule and her inability to welcome a new relationship, Wen is certain that her love will stay hidden. It does, until she learns that she’s being followed. Not wanting to intrude on her family, she calls Thomas.
Can Thomas rescue Wen and his dream? Or will danger permanently keep him from both?

The smirk that met her was enough to make her cream herself. She watched him as
his hand slowly made its way to his hard cock.
Oh, sweet Mary, mother of God. Was it possible to get even more turned on? Lifting
herself up on her elbows, Wen enjoyed watching as he slowly caressed himself, letting
his hand work up and down in slow motion. A groan escaped her lips. Smiling back up at
him, she lifted her hand toward him.
His hand engulfed hers as they both worked his dick up and down. She moved her
gaze from his eyes to the head of his penis to see that the first drop was there for the
taking. Ever slowly, she moved her head forward, allowing herself to get close enough to
flick her tongue against the drop of wetness that graced his cock.
In a flash, she found herself on her back with dark eyes on her face.

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  1. What an exciting visual! I can really see this happening.

    Thanks for sharing.