Saturday, December 8, 2012


There were so many times in my growing up that I was told that my writing was good, with those few that gave praise there was more behind them that said 'oh you write, you are to young to understand'
I might have been young and well I am probably still young to understand some things, but that is not the point.

In writing we are allowed to escape into the unknown.  It is the same for reading.  Takes us places we didn't think existed or people we never would have associated with.

Books and writing allows us to explore our fantasies without the harsh criticism that comes from others knowing our dirty little secrets.

When I finally found a story that I could not escape I sat down and wrote all the while taking care of my two kids.  It can be done.

The first book I wrote is not yet published and is being edited, but that is a longer story and one I really can't wait to share.

This book Bounty for Hunter is my second book, first to be published and first in a novella series.
Bounty for Hunter comes out just before Christmas.  I can't wait for you all to take the exciting journey with Keylee, Hunter, Alek, Tess, Jefferson, and Thomas.

These characters are relatable.  You can see something in all of them that you would find in everyday people.

Keep your eyes peeled

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