Sunday, December 2, 2012

Brace Yourself Sunday

It is the dreaded Sunday... A day when there is football or some other sport to be looked forward to.  It is a day for families to attend church or just to be together.  A day for shopping at the last minute for all those items forgotten earlier in the week.  Or like some it is a day to brace yourself for the work week that lies ahead.  MONDAY.. (dum dum dum)

For myself Sunday is all the above and so much more.  Footbal as it is the current sports seasons is blaring through my house.  My kids and husband are running through the house screaming at scores completed, bad calls, fights between the siblings and me just needing a moment of silence.  Sunday is laundry day.    Yes a day of REST is my day to get laundry done.  :)

So as some brace yourself the week ahead, I look forward to it, all because of this day.  Backwards I know but I am a half full type of girl

So Sundays in my house is about never giving up.  Though I spend Sundays with the history channel, football and a screaming family.  I take away the fun times we have.  I use those times to inspire me to keep up with my dream.

So to everyone else.  Don't give up.  Brace yourself today for what is and what will be and look past it.  See the potential that your day or week can bring to you.  You never know what lies ahead until you try.

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