Friday, October 19, 2012

Part 9

I looked at Lord Arlin with concern and worry.  Where were they taking her? I silently asked. 
“They are getting her prepared for the burial.  We can not wait to long to bury her, my dear.”
I knew that he was right, but still it was happening too fast.
I was not going to leave my mother. So I watched as they bathed her and re-clothed her at last the women wrapped her in white cloth.
The men carried her out to the steps of the house once that was all completed.
“My dear why don’t you pick the place you would like for her to be buried.  Any place you want.”
I looked at Lord Arlin while he stated that.  Then I looked around his fortress.  As I was scanning, I found the place I knew to be perfect.  It was further back against the far end of the stone wall. 
There were these purple flowers surrounding a large  tree.  She always liked flowers.
The men carried her over to the place and started digging.  Lord Arlin and Lady Aun left me to be with my mother. Though I could feel their presence behind me.  It was a comfort to know that  Anien stayed at my side.  It was strange being comforted by him as we just meet.  However, I felt his connection.  It was one that I shared with my mother.    A priest said a few words as the men placed her in the ground.  I silently wept for her life, for the life she and I should have had, and for the things that she would miss.
I held onto Anien’s hands, afraid to let go, for wanting to be buried in the ground with her.  Before her hand was buried I picked it up and kissed her good bye.
Goodbye mother, rest now.  I am in a safe place..I think.  Watch over and keep me safe. All my heart mother.
As the last of the dirt covered her body I knew without a doubt she was gone.  I had no strength left as I collapsed on the ground.  Anien picked up my small body, carrying me back to the house while I continued to cry on his chest.
I finally rose my head up when we entered a big room with a few windows.  There was a bathing station in the far corner.  I was utterly exhausted but I was trying to stay awakeI was afraid I that if I closed my eyes I would see everyone that I knew dead.  Anien sat me on the bed.
 “Is this my room?” I asked.
“It sure is, mother is coming up here very soon.  She wished to give you a proper bath and put you in different clothes.”
I looked down at the dress I had on.  It was a little ragged but it was the dress my mother made for my seventh birthday.
“Anien, will your mother let me keep my things?  They are all that I have left of my mom and of home.”
“I will let her know of your wishes.”  He got up to leave but I grabbed for his hand before he got to far from me.
“Anien, please don’t leave me.  I don’t want to me alone.” I whispered.
“Kyrah, my room is just down the hall.  When ever you need anything I will be there.”

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