Saturday, October 13, 2012

part 8

We stopped a few more times, though the stops were a blur.
When we finally made it to Lord Arlin’s home.  I only knew this because Anien woke me by a quick shake of the shoulder.
“Kyrah, here we are..look.”
My eyes were matted, rubbing them softly I was finally able to open them wide.  When I finally looked, I saw stone walls as tall as the trees themselves if not taller.  Right before us there was a massive gate.  There were symbols all over the gate as well as a carving of a huge dragon. 
I went through the gate feeling relieved that I was alive, but yet I could not escape the fact I was truly alone, and no mother to comfort me when I was scared.
Lord Arlin approached a woman who stood on the steps of the home.
“What do you we have here?” She said.  Her voice was soft almost a whisper.
“Lady Aun, I want you to meet Kyrah.  She will be joining our family, and will treated as such.”
“Yes husband.”
She did not question him, just came down the step when he did to greet me.
Anien helped me off the horse.  I walked back to the other horse that was carrying my mother.
“Lord Arlin, what will you do with my mother?”
Lady Aun looked at me, my mother and back at Lord Arlin with her eye brown arched.
“Aun, this girl’s whole village and mother have all been killed."
She nodded in understanding.
“Kyrah, well I had thought we would bury her here.  This way she is always close to you and you would not feel so alone.”
It was thoughtful and yet I could not hide my suspicion that there were other reason for this.
Men soon came and took my mother from the horse, carrying her body away.

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