Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Part 10

His mother Lady Aun walked in.
“Well, child let us get you cleaned up shall we?” 
She and another woman undressed me and placed me in the bathing station.  It was nice and warm and smelled like lavender.  While I was in there they scrubbed my body and my hair. They did this in silence, and I too did not speak.  I was concentrating on not crying.  Remembering how my mother would bath me, she would always sing a song and then tell me a story about the Dragon that became a man for love.  So I sat there in the tub in silence.  I wanted to hear my mother’s story during this bathing.  So I told it.  Only my ears could hear this magical story.  Before I was done, Lady Aun and the other woman helped me out and started to dry my body.  I felt strange letting these women see me naked but I did not have the strength to do it myself.  Just as the older woman was drying my legs she screamed and was pointing at me leg. 
 “Child, how long have you had this?”  He voice was so intense that it worried me.
I looked down to see what she was pointing at.  As I looked, I saw that she was pointing at my birthmark that looked like a dragon. 
“Since I can remember. Why?  My mother says it is what makes me special.”
You have always had this mark.” She changed her tone.  So I nodded my head.
“Well that is very interesting.”  She said while putting a dress on me.
Lady Aun sent the old woman out of my room, asking her to bring Lord Arlin and Anien to her.  Wrapping a fur around my body.
Not to long after the old woman left Lord Arlin and Anien were in my room.
“Lady Aun, this young girl is still undressed.  What are we doing up here?’
“Husband you must see this on her leg. 
So I stuck my leg out for all to see my mark.  I thought it was just a mark, but these people seem very interested in it. 
“Don’t worry,” he said, “this is just very interesting." 
The men left and Lady Aun finished dressing me.  When she was done, Lady Aun asked if I would like to eat or sleep.
I chose eating,she then took me down stairs to get something to eat.  We made our way to this huge room.  It reminded me of the ancient time. It had this large wooden table with several chairs around it.  The room was dark it did have a few window that let some light in but it was gloomy.

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