Sunday, October 28, 2012

Part 11

I sat down on one of the chairs while an old lady brought some food to me. I ate every bit that was put out in front of me.  Everyone just smiled.
We sat there for a while.  I listened to everyone talk about the devastation that Lord Arlin found, when he found me. 
Before I was done eating Lord Alrin asked for every household member to come to the room.  He had something that he wanted to say.
As everyone filed in he stood, wanting to make sure his voice was heard..
“As some of you already know one of our villages has been destroyed.  All that remains is this small child.  Her name is Kyrah and she will be treated as mine and Lady Aun’s daughter.  Do you all understand me?” 
Everyone said yes and then left the room.  I was shocked by this gesture.
“Lord Arlin,” I said “why are you being so kind to me.”
“Well you see you are just a child; a child that has been wronged.  I also have a feeling that I know why everyone in your village was killed. We will not discuss it now.  I want to be sure before I say anything.”
 Anien stayed by my side as everyone left the room including Arling and Aun.“It is time that you get some sleep.  I know that you don’t want to be alone, so I will stay with you.”
I laid down on the bed and stared at him in the chair.  He too closed his eyes.  This was the last image I saw before I woke up screaming. 
Anien was right there beside me, trying to clam me down.  I eventually fell back to sleep but this time he held me close to his body.  I slept till morning and when I woke Anien was still in bed with me.  I just smiled sitting up.  His mother Lady Aun came in the room.
“Oh I see you had company last night.”  She was smiling as though it was normal for her son to be in a bed with a stranger.
“He stayed with me because I was scared.”
“That is alright child.  Anien feels protective of you.  He will be a good brother.”
“Lady Aun, I know what Lord Arlin said that I would be treated as a daughter, but……do I have to call you mother and father?”  I had such hesitation asking but it was important to ask.
“No child if and only if you are comfortable you can call us mother and father.  We will not push that on you.  You may call us Aun and Arlin….Okay.” 
I could live with that for now.  I was not sure if anyone could take the place of my mother who gave her life for me, but one day I might be able to have another mother.

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