Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Truth of Crystal Eyes

Battles will always be fought as long as men find something to fight over.  This was the world that I was growing up in.  Men in my home of Regord were always fighting.  The current battle that was taking place was over some another Lord or King from a neighboring country wanting to expand his territory, or so my mother told me.  My mother was quickly trying to gather some things for us.  She was yelling at me the whole time.  I was not sure what she was saying, but I was pretty sure it was nothing good.  As soon as she gathered what she felt were all the things necessary my mother grabbed my hand and we flew out the door.  I felt lost in all the chaos that was around me.  My small legs were having a hard time keeping up with my mother. I was only seven years old and very frightened.
There were men on horses with weapons in there hands.  I saw my neighbor lying on the ground bleeding from her head.  My mother did not allow time for me to stop.  She just kept pulling me while weaving in and out of everyone in the village.  We made it to the border of the forest.  My mother put me in some bushes and held me close.  I was crying silently listening to my mother trying to clam me down. 
 “Kyrah, you must be quite.  We don’t want them to find us.” 
Just as my mother finished her sentence I heard heavy breathing.  I was squeezing my eyes shut.  I did not want to look up and see what was there.
“Find the girl!”  I heard a young voice yell.
 Could all this be because of me? Why is all this happening?  I heard footsteps coming closer to where my mother and I were hiding. 
Then in one instance my mother pushed me further in the bushes.  I hit my head and things were becoming blurry.  I faintly heard my mother whispering something in my ear.
 “Kyrah, what ever happens know that I love you and that I am doing this for you.  Do not forget who you are…..child.”
Then her voice was gone and I heard her screaming, then nothing after that. 

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