Thursday, August 30, 2012

Part 5

I watched from the reflection in the water as the boy left me and walked to the big man.   The muffled sounds from where they were caused me to turn in their direction, I watched their lips moving but could not make out what they were saying, but felt as though it had something to do with me.  The boy soon walked slowly towards me holding his hands out.  I could see in his hands as he got closer that he had bread.
  “Small one, can you eat?"  I nodded for I was afraid to use my voice. "You have an injury that my father would like to look at, please come with me.”
I tried to look my body over to see if there truly was an injury, but from my point of view I could not visibly see this injury he spoke about. I weighed my options.  The big man was with my mother and he and the boy had yet to hurt me so I nodded.  I took the bread out of his hands and was trying to tear a piece off as I starting walking back towards my mother and the big man.   As I was attempting this task I heard.
“May I help you with that” he said reaching for my hands.  I gave the bread back and in return he handed me the piece I was working on.  As we made our way to where his father the big man was I reached for my bag.  The boy knelt down faster than me and put it into my arms.  “My name is Anien. Can you tell me your name?”
I looked at him very puzzled. I tried to speak but my voice hurt and nothing came out.  So he handed me a jug and told me to drink.

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