Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Truth of Crystal Eyes-2

When I woke up it was night, I found that I ached from a pain that was as much as a bodily hurt to an emotional one.   I slowly crawled out of my hiding spot.  I did not want to get caught.  I stuck my head out through the thick bushes that held my hiding place.  When I did not see anyone around, I slowly moved out.  In a small distance I saw a small figure lying on the ground.  I quickly took another look around, stood and walked very slowly over to that figure.  It was my mother, I think I knew that before I made my way over to her.  Her face was beaten, blood still dripping out of her ears and nose.  She had only a little breathe left in her.  I dropped at her side pulling the bag that she still clung too from her arms.  Quickly going through our bag to find a cloth to clean her face with.  As I was going through the bag I found a note folding just slightly but enough it showed that I read


I found the cloth in the bag and started to wipe her face as my mind wondered to the fact that my mother knew something bad was going to happen.
How could this be happening to me? I thought to myself I was just a child.
I did not know how to find my father, where to go or how to really do anything.  So now I am here alone and in the dark with out my mother to guide me I began to cry uncontrollably looking at my mother fragile disfigured body. I laid my head down on her stomach wishing her to magically be healed of all wounds.  I had only known her my whole life, and just stories of my father who was never there. 
I am not sure how long I laid there crying, because when I finally opened my eyes I could see a little light.  In that light I saw this white majestic figure approaching me.  I was too petrified to move. Then a man got off the majestic being. A horse it finally dawned on me.  He slowly walked over to me.  I grabbed a branch that was near my arm.  I started to swing it at him.  I did not know if he was good or bad, but he was not going to touch my mother nor I.  I was determined to fight with what little strength I had.

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