Friday, August 24, 2012

Part 3

“Don’t be afraid child…I am not the one who did this. You must let me look at you and your mother.”  I could see him lowering himself down onto his legs.  I didn't care that his voice was soft and soothing.  With everything that I had left in my body I took one lunge at him and fell at his feet.  He looked at me with the most caring blue eyes I had seen. Looking at him I starting crying as he picked me up with such gentleness that I had only experienced with my mother.  He took me to the other rider that was with him.  As I laid cradled against this other person, 
I watched as the big man bent down to my mother.  I saw all her strength go into wrapping her arm around his neck.  It was then I noticed her lips moving and his head nodding. 
“What is she saying to him?” I wondered silently
He slowly put her on his horse and then jumped up behind her.  The horse did not flitch one muscle as this big man made his jump to sit on the horse.   Even though my body was trembling with fright I some how felt safe in the arms of this other man.

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