Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday Madness

Well Christmas is over......

Anyone else wiping their foreheads. :)

My kids had a great Christmas. Of course, they are five and three so it is still the suspense of Santa and anything is great. One day I will wake up and it will be oh, thanks (insert scarasm). I am holding my breath that moment.

Did everyone else have a good holiday?

Tell me your holiday moments. I would love to hear from you about the great times, the madness or anything else you would love to share.

The new year is approaching and I am working on my 2014 release list. It's hard to believe it really is going to be 2014.

Are there any New Year's resolutions out there?

My plans for New Year's will be a glass of wine, a kiss from my husband and kids, and crashingin bed. Yes boring, but then again I just might end up at my in laws.... Let me just say if that happens I will not be held responible for my actions. HAHA

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