Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Sexy Saturday #MSSWeek19

For this Sexy Saturday week 19 I am going to give you a small taste of a tease novella that I am currently working on. You will be getting 7 sentences from Office Seduction

 If he was anything like her fantasies then this one night would not be enough, but she had her job to consider. She was not a very good liar. Hell, she couldn’t sleep with the man and then the next day act like nothing happened. That was not her, nor would it ever be. All serious thoughts left her mind when his tongue licked her neck just below her ear, and the warm moisture sent shivers along her arms.  Lucy pushed her back into his chest. She needed to be naked, feeling his hard ripped muscles against her skin.

I hope you enjoyed this little tease

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  1. Very nice snippet. It tells a lot about her character and how much she cares. Thanks for sharing.