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Author Spotlight: Jianne Carlo -VengeanceHammer

Welcome Jianne Carlo who is here today to discuss her book Vengeance Hammer

Can a Viking forgive the woman who cheated him of his Vengeance?

Excerpt, Vengeance Hammer, Viking Vengeance Book Three:

“What think you now, wife?”
Dráddør loved the way Xára wrinkled her nose and peeked up from under at him, her beautiful eyes a pool of turquoise and amber in the morning sunlight. “Methinks you are a wicked man.”
The smile accompanying her playful tone delighted him. He flexed his half-erect cock inside her and she opened her eyes wide. “And methinks, you enjoy my wickedness. Tell me true, Xára mine—did you not find pleasure in our swiving?”
She fixed him with an exasperated stare, nostrils flaring ever so slightly. “You know I did.”
“What concerns you, mit sváss?” He studied the delectable curve of her brows and couldn’t resist tucking a wayward damp tendril back into place. His pecker went flaccid and he reluctantly withdrew from her heat.
Her nose grazed his chin when she bent her head. “I cannot help but wonder if bedsport needs be confessed.”
“Confessed?” A vague memory of the Christian need to spill their wrongdoings to Monks and such mushroomed. “Tell me, what must you confess to your priest?”
“My sins, a’course. If I have broken one of the Ten Commandments. I have thought and thought on bedsport. We do not lie, covet another, kill another, or bear false witness.” She didn’t appear happy about her conclusion.
“If we break none of your God’s rules, what troubles you?” ’Twould take some time to grow accustomed to her Christianity, but Dráddør had no doubt he would. After all, his older brothers had with their wives.
“It feels like a delicious sin, all that we do. Yet I am loath to confess what we do to Monk Herbert. Think you Skatha and Nyssa confess such?” Her voice wavered on the question.
Dráddør didn’t hesitate. “Nay. Does the church not say what happens ’tween husband and wife is sacred?”
She cupped her chin and pursed her mouth before answering, “Aye. You have the right of it. I needs not confess our bedsport to Monk Herbert. ’Tis a relief, I vow. He will stay to become our priest?”
Stifling a groan, Dráddør searched for a way to send the holy man away less Xára ask him to assume the duty. “Mayhap. We will speak of it when I return.”
At once her relaxed posture changed, she moved onto her side, clasped a bed cushion to her breasts, and looked at the windows. “The sun is high in the sky. We make haste?”
 Dráddør glanced at the cloudless sky revealed by the open shutters. His mind turned to the coming journey and the numerous tasks to be done. “Aye. We will need the noon tide if we are to catch up to Niketas.”
“Who is this man?”
Dropping a quick kiss on her nose, he eyed the floor and his scattered garments. “I have ne’er shed my clothes and weapons in such haste. You fracture my warrior discipline, woman. Wazir Niketas is an Arab trader who tried to take Skatha and Hjørdis some time ago. He has been a thorn in our side for many seasons. I do not have the time for detailed explanations, Xára. I must meet with Haakon. ’Twill be of great help if you will pack a few of the tunics in my chest.”
“I will see to it and get the food stores ready for you.” She scrambled off the other side of the bed. “May I take the time to see Jennie first? She will be overjoyed to learn that I can speak again.”
“’Tis more than enough time.” Dráddør had automatically dressed by the time Xára had retrieved a new chemise and donned it and her gown. He kissed her forehead. “I will meet you in the hall.”

I hope you enjoyed this little preview of Vengeance Hammer.

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