Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bounty's End Great Review

The first part of April I did a blog tour for Bounty's End

I visited several blogs and each blog had the chance to read and review Bounty's End.

One such review stuck in my mind..

Josselyn from As  you wish ( wrote this:


I've never read anything like Bounty's End. It's the perfect Romance that starts with a single touch. After the last page you will want to see how their life continues. It's exciting to know Thomas' version of Bounty for Hunter (the first book) plus an extension of his own love life.

Thomas is the middle child of his bounty hunting family which includes his older brother Jefferson and his younger sister Kaylee, and Alex their boss although he is part of their family. Like in the first book Kaylee accepts the job to protect a man named Hunter who's gotten involved accidentally with dirty cops. They're after him and Kaylee's there to protect him. Throughout the book Thomas goes through an internal struggle to protect his baby sister and the woman he's fallen in love with. With all thats going on he wants out of the business, he has plans and he can only hope his family follows him on them. After the misshapen of dirty cops, action and kidnapping... What will be the outcome of his Bounty hunting family? Will he finally woo the woman he's admired for months? Will his family accept his plans to change their bounty hunting lifestyle? 

Reading Bounty's End makes you think of the things that can really happen in real life, not just things that happen in TV or in movies. Such as Kidnappings, murder, crimes. We never expect those things to happen until they actually affect us. Only reading the book will you find out if we really are as naive as we think. This action packed romance will have you spellbound for more.

Thank you As you Wish Reviews for the great review

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