Sunday, April 7, 2013

Author Spotlight: Catrina Barton - Dangerous Temptation

I want to thank Catrina for stopping by today to let us all know about her latest release Dangerous Temptation


Seventeen year-old orphan Kaitlin Sinclair's world gets turned upside down when she's forced to move half way around the world to Indonesia with her uncle she never knew existed. Things get worse when the demons she left behind in America follow her to the land of intrigue.

Her uncle forces her to attend a celebration where she meets Cadmon, a mysterious, captivating stranger, who reveals that he knew her parents. She uncovers secrets that in the wrong hands could destroy his endangered clan of were-tigers and the entire world.

When Kaitlin dives into a foreign culture, full of mystique and dangers everywhere she turns, keeping her heart safe might prove as impossible as staying alive!

Short Excerpt:

“I’m not afraid of you.” Kaitlin stroked his scarred cheek.
“You should be.” His hand cupped hers, heat pouring into her skin. Cadmon pressed it firmly against his cheek. He nuzzled it, before pulling it away.
“You’re not a monster.” She licked her bottom lip. “You’re… beautiful.” She ran a finger along his squared jaw line.
“Men aren’t beautiful.” He held her fingers away from him, staring from them, into her eyes. “What have you done to me?” Confusion etched onto his face.
“I could ask you the same thing.” She swallowed, and tugged her fingers away from him, rubbing them down the side of her jeans, hoping to chase away the electric currents tingling her skin.

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Catrina Barton is a real go-getter, who in 2006 turned her avid reading addiction since she was three, into a vigorous passion for writing. Especially Young Adult Romances. She draws on her knowledge as a Kung-Fu Instructor to make her fight scenes both realistic, and action packed.
When not indulging her fertile imagination to craft stories for your reading pleasures, she enjoys hiking with her family, and amateur belly dancing.
Her love of writing, and her family, rival her exhilaration from helping fellow writers. She is a proud member of many writing, and marketing groups, and an active participant at Critique Circle, and several other crit groups.
Writes reviews for Safari Heat, and Satin Sheets Romance.

Favorite personal quote:
"An author cannot grow without both constructive criticism and encouragement."

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  1. Hi A.J. Thanks for having me here today and for the unique subject prompt. :)

    1. Glad to have you.

      I know I am curious and others might be as well, but what promoted you to write this story?

    2. Many different things. My love of tigers and shifters for a couple of things. I adore a face paced story that doesn't feel rushed. I'm a big fan of action and adventure.

  2. Hi Kitty! So happy to read about your book and follow your success story. You are motivating and awesome!

    1. Hi J.A. Pleasure to see you again.
      Aw, thank you. :)