Saturday, June 15, 2013

All Author Blog Blitz for Self Published Authors

This month I am joining  Self-published-and-indie-authors-support-group on Goodreads and doing an all author blog blitz. Throughout today about 80 or so bloggers will be posting about each other to help spread the word about self published authors. You can find the authors  here 

Today on my blog I have the Abha C, here today who wrote the wonderful story The Little Ant

You can find her book on Goodread here

Join me while I chat with Little Ant from The little Ant

What is the name of the book where we'll find you? Can you tell us a little about it?

I am a little girl ant and I am kind of a big deal so the book had to be called “The Little Ant!” The book is all about my adventure in the park, it was my first time going there and I really had a great time. There was a surprise for me at the park but you will just have to see for yourself. 

Tell us a little about yourself. Where do you fit into the story? What should we know about you?

The book is all about me, you see there would be no story if the author didn't follow me to see how I did in the park. I like new experiences but sometimes I don’t wait to find out what happens. 

What do you think of the author? Be honest. We won't tell.

Abha is alright but sometimes she should really think before sending me all alone to the park. I am a young ant after all. Children should always be accompanied by adults. I will cut her some slack because she was following me but I didn’t know that until I saw this story. No fair Abha!

How do you feel about the story you're in?

It is a happy story although I didn’t sign up for my adventure! The park is spectacular with large fountains and gorgeous flowers. I bet you the children that this story is read to will learn a few new words by just following the story along. 

Do you like being a character in the book?

I guess I don’t know any different but wouldn't it be fun if I came into your world? 

How do you see your future? Without giving anything away about the story, naturally.

You know, I want to go to many new places particularly visit a lot of children in their home through this book and make a lot of new friends. I definitely see some of that in my future. I sure hope I didn’t give away the story, Abha would probably not like that!

What do you know about your author's plans? Can we expect to see you in any future stories?
I am trying to convince Abha to visit a few different places but she hasn't committed to anything yet. If I succeed then you will definitely see me, after all who could say no to me?

Let's say they make a movie about this book. Who do you want to play you, and why?

Abigail Breslin would be perfect. She always plays a quirky but lovable character just like me! I am of course more lovable and less quirky than her characters!

* * *

Brief Author's Bio: 

The author’s simple belief is that every child deserves to be read to. To that end she started to look for books that not only were interesting for her one-year-old but also had a learning component to them. This proved to be an impossible task and led to the creation of this book.

Abha C is a freelance writer who specializes in children’s books. She now resides in Fremont, Calif. with her husband and newborn daughter. Her daughter was the inspiration for “The Little Ant”


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