Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First Week of the Year

I just finished my first every blog hop and I have to say it was GREAT.  Really and truly it was.  I was able to pop into so many different blogs and see how others felt about books, life and anything else that was interesting.

As I start my new week of the year starts I am busy plugging away at some revisions for Book2 with the Title Bounty's End

I love the title because it has promise and it makes you want to know what is the end.  Is it the end of a life, a job who knows.  Maybe because it is close to my heart that I feel that way about the title.  Who knows...
What are your thoughts????

As the New Year Blog Hop has come to an end I look forward to the March Blog Hop

Exciting new things are on my way and I hope I get to share with everyone

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