Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jumping Thursday

Since the election is over and there are those like myself that are counting our blessings that we have our president re-elected I feel as though I should make Jumping Thursday about the fact that we are in a new era.
An era of evolution if you will.

We are world of people that range from White, Black, Brown, Gay, Straight, Transgender, Male, Female, Confused, Abused, Abuser, Drug Addict, Non Drug Addict and so on.

Here is the thing.  This re-election was more than about representing our beliefs.  This election about showing the world who we are.  We are a group of people that for the first time in history voted in a openly gay woman in the senate, now how cool is that.  

It is time for us to all step up and say we are proud of who we are.   I believe this is so true

Embrace those that believe differently than you do.  Ask your questions, get your answers and make your own judgment.  Do not let hear say destroy your chance at learning about new things, or hinder your chance at a new friendship.  

ACCEPTANCE, is the key for us to continue to grow. That is acceptance in everything. Religion, sexuality, baby beliefs.  If we all believed the same thing then life would be pretty boring  We as individuals make life exciting and interesting.  So lets work on that.

So for now

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